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One Day Business Administration for Growth Hack

MBA, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Sales, Human Resource, Business English

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8665 students8 hours 59 minutes

Created by CreateUp Academy, offered on Udemy

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Introduction to Course

This course is designed to help students understand what an Master of Business Administration (MBA) is from both a functional and educational standpoint, and the value of starting a business from an MBA perspective.  Students will follow Erik, who would like to open a café, but doesn’t know where to begin.  He consults Susan, who has an MBA degree and is able to help him along the way. 

Erik discusses that his primary goals include profit maximization, providing a public service and running a business to create social benefit.  In their interaction, Susan walks Erik through the various business systems, including production, marketing, finance and human resources, and discusses the business’s supply chain.  She explains what it means to work with yourself and with others to create value for customers. 

This course is a valuable tool for anyone studying business management or hoping to start a business.  It will help students understand basic concepts and how these can be applied to real-life ventures. 

Following Erik and Susan through all twelve chapters will ensure first-time learners grasp how an MBA can help them to achieve their goals.  Those already in a business program will brush up on important skills, gaining a better understanding of the most important concepts taught.


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What you will learn

  • The students could understand Introduction to MBA Basics.


  • A willingness to learn and practice
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