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RISK MANAGEMENT for Supply Chain and Procurement specialists

Tools and methods used by the world class procurement companies and supply chain managers to get rid of RISK MANAGEMENT

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Created by Robert Freeman, offered on Udemy

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Welcome to the Risk Management course!

The course is prepared by the Procurement Professional for Procurement Professionals. Based on my own experience and the best practices I have used by myself. Tools and methods here are used by the world class companies and supply chain managers.


The material is easy to follow and understand, well-structured and presented in a simple and straightforward way. And what is the most important – you can start using the tools and the logic of Risk Management already after finishing the course.


RISK MANAGEMENT is not a niche course, it covers the main risk management tools, with the focus on Supply Chains, Purchasing and Procurement.    

You'll learn about the:  

  • Nature of risks and types of risks in supply chain management  

  • Risk assessment tools  

  • Action planning tips for working with risks  

  • Specific risks in outsourcing and insourcing  

  • Building the transparent and proactive relations with your suppliers  

  • Social & environmental risks.  

The course contains many practical examples from my experience. This makes the training more “alive” and close to reality. Every tool and method I will present in the course will come together with the practical example. 


The best way to learn is applying these knowledge and techniques in your daily job! Once completed this course, you should be able to apply Risk management tools to your own projects without the need for further guidance.   

I am proud of the materials collected in this course and I am sure that you will bring your decisions to the completely new level if you will follow the recommendations and tools from risk management explained in this course. Also I am sure that you will improve your organization and your career!

Have a look into the preview lessons. If you like them - just go for the course. You will not regret it!

P.S. As a bonus - I have decided to share my e-books on Procurement. You can find it in the download materials of the last lecture. Some useful and fun read for you, some motivation and inspiration.

Enjoy your course and leave me a comment after you complete the course :)


What you will learn

  • You will understand that every decision in Procurement and Supply Chain Management includes RISK
  • You will gain the better understanding of RISKS complexity
  • You will learn how to quantify and compare the RISKS
  • You will learn how to make the strong action plan for different RISKS
  • Finally, you will obtain more confidence talking about the RISK management discussing with your Suppliers, your Managers and Colleagues, your Stakeholders


  • You don’t need any specific knowledge to finish the course. Just common sense
  • However this course will make a much bigger effect for you, who already have some experience in Procurement and Supply Chain. You will recognize many of your tough situations and challenges that you are facing everyday at your work
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  • 1 hours 6 minutes
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bestcourses score: 6.3/10

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