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Become a Data Driven Product Manager

The only course that focuses 100% on data for product managers.

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951 students6 hours 26 minutes

Created by David Kremlinsky, offered on Udemy

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Hello and welcome to the course Data Analytics for Product Managers.

This course covers all topics you need to know to be a data-driven product manager.

In this course, you will learn

#1 - How to look at user metrics & business KPIs

#2- Look at your data and get insights

#3- Take action on your data

#4- Track feature success

#5- Communicate on data with your stakeholders

#6- Use tools like A/B test to drive Data-Driven Decisions

Working for a software company and having to make decisions on the product can be tricky and complicated. All courses, conferences on product management talk about being data-driven, "take data-driven decisions", "use data to drive decisions..." but articles don't really give a deep understanding of what it means.

What should you track?

How to look at company KPIs and catch insights?

How to act or react to data

How to work with data departments

How to use Data analytic tools like A/B test


I was there 6 years ago and I quickly understood that if I want to be a proactive PM who makes data-driven decisions, I need to become an expert in data analytics.

For the past year, after feeling confident about it, I decided to gather all my learnings from articles, experiences as a PM and create the most complete course on Data Analytics for Product Managers.

My Name is David Kremlinsky. I work for now 6 years in the software industry. Before that, I studied Business Management and completed an MBA in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I am passionate about data and in this course, I want to turn you into an expert but most importantly, make you enjoy data analytics.

What will you learn in this course?

Very simple. Be a Data-Driven Product Manager

What makes it different from other courses?

I thought about the perfect syllabus to cover all topics. To remember something, you have to practice it. In this course, I used real-life examples using the known product as Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, etc, to cover a maximum of industries and make sure the knowledge you acquire doesn’t stop to a simple theoretical knowledge. For this purpose, you will practice on a real case. You will use everything you learned during the course to analyze the situation and give your thought.

Most important, you need to practice. The last part of this course is a simulation.

You will be a PM at Podcasty and together we will go over your first weeks.

I want this course to be interactive! So, don’t hesitate to send me feedback, contact me if you have any questions!

After the course, you will be part of a community! I hope to share with you the best articles on product KPIs, open discussions on data and new courses, videos coming!

I wish you good luck!


What you will learn

  • Product Management
  • Data analytics
  • Data Driven Solutions
  • Define success metrics
  • A/B test
  • Read data
  • Take decisions based on Data
  • Product Data Driven
  • User funnel (AARRR) analysis
  • Conversion rates
  • Find relevant metrics
  • Answer interview questions on Data Analytics
  • Cognitive Biases
  • Design charts
  • Present data to stakeholders
  • Communicate with stakeholders on data
  • Define events and properties


  • No prior experience is required
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  • Language: English
  • 6 hours 26 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.6/10

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