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Getting Back to Business after COVID-19

Over 140 actionable tips for business managers to get your business up and running again after the coronavirus pandemic

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26 students1 hours 8 minutes

Created by Tim Lawson, offered on Udemy

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This course has been formulated both from personal experience and from the latest advice and guidance about how to get back to business following the COVID 19 pandemic. It draws together in one place, the key advice and guidance to be followed to achieve this safely.

The course contains over 140 actionable tips on how to recover your business as you return to work after the pandemic.

It covers all the key considerations of business recovery in a consolidated and simple step by step guide, to assist you in getting started to deliver the changes necessary.

It starts by giving you an overview of the content. A crucial aspect of the course is getting you to look at your business objectives and how to differentiate between business critical aspects and non-essential factors which will help shape the ‘new normal’ rather than expecting ‘business as usual’. Helpfully, the whole course can be easily shared with your employees as a means of securing buy in and understanding of what is required

Next, it addresses a number of people issues involved in business recovery, including when, where and how people will work; health and safety aspects; managing and maintaining contact; and travel and transport requirements. This is not an exhaustive list but it is an area of huge importance.

The course then looks at buildings and infrastructure, including building layouts; staff capacity; markings and distancing to adhere to government guidance; and how work is going to be done in several different scenarios. This is particularly relevant to the guidelines of safe working.

Finally the course looks briefly at the technology around to support a company in getting back to business, and how to use it to facilitate some of the changing work practices identified throughout the course.

The course is easy to follow, giving lots of practical advice and action points throughout. It is based on personal experience of the practical implementation of the many factors and changes identified.

It comes complete with downloadable resources such as ‘social distance’ posters and warning signs that are generic in nature and can therefore be used in any business, meaning you don’t have to re-invent the wheel in terms of signage and reminders.

Tim Lawson is a hugely experienced consultant and international speaker. He has been delivering cost management and business continuity advice to businesses and organisations for over 20 years. His most recent work in helping clients take their businesses back to a state of recovery, fits neatly with his other significant business experience.

Tim has a knowledgeable and practical teaching style which is based on many years of actual delivery of projects and programmes of work across various industries.

What you will learn

  • Students will learn how to take their business from an ongoing pandemic crisis, back to recovery, in concise, easy to follow practical terms and within best practice guidelines and parameters.


  • There are no course requirements or prerequisites.
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