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Economics: Macroeconomics 101 for Managers and Executives

Learn fundamental MBA-level principles for business: outsourcing/offshoring, fiscal & monetary policy + more from Eazl.

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12944 students 49 minutes

Created by Davis Jones, offered on Udemy

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Learn how to interpret changing macroeconomic conditions and leverage macro-level frameworks in a course that's similar to the Macroeconomics for Managers course in MIT's Advanced Management Training Program.

Key Macroeconomic Issues for Managers and Executives

  • Learn how to interpret and use the critical macroeconomic signals.

  • Understand how to analyze comparative advantages and offshoring decisions.

  • Learn how to manage risk and see opportunities in environmental limits.

  • Find and use relevant economic data and make better decisions.

A Powerful Skill at Your Fingertips

As you transition to roles of increasing responsibility, being able to interpret and use macroeconomic data will make you a valuable asset to any managerial team. Knowing what data matters and where to find it will enable you to take public data, make it meaningful, and use it to inform decisions that will impact you and your organization.

Macroeconomics Made Accessible

Suitable for people with no formal training in economics, this course is fun to watch, offers hands-on tutorials, and includes interviews with two of the leading American economic journalists of our time—Mike “Mish" Shedlock and Charles Hugh Smith. Each learning module will equip you with a framework that you can use to contribute to big decisions and high-level conversations.

Starting with a deconstructed look at what GDP is and why it matters, the course introduces the key macroeconomic concepts that matter to managers. You'll learn about monetary policy. Government spending. Interest rates. Then, we'll look at what drives comparative advantages and offshoring decisions.

The course wraps up with a look at environmental limits. This framework will enable you to understand issues about sustainability, corporate responsibility, and ecological benefits through an economic lens. Finally, you have access to “over the shoulder" tutorials as we collect easy-to-find economic research and use the Eazl macroeconomic resource bank to find and download more nuanced sources of public data.


Content Upgrade Journal

• Version 1.1 (November 2021): In this update, we've added additional resources to get you started with the concepts of Modern Monetary Theory and the finance/investment trend of ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance). Enjoy the updates!

• Version 1.2 (January 2022): In this upgrade, we've added professionally-developed English-language subtitles. This will be a great addition for our ESL learners!

What you will learn

  • Make informed offshoring decisions
  • Interpret key economic indicators
  • Understand the dynamics of comparative advantage
  • Understand the nature and behavior of financial crises
  • Think about environmental stewardship issues from an economic perspective
  • Predict likely actions of central banks and governments


  • Students do not need any formal training in economics to benefit from the course.
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