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Continuous Improvement / Operational Excellence

Simple and straightforward habits and techniques to drive measurable improvement in whatever you and your team do

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124 students4 hours 16 minutes

Created by Steven Hopkins, offered on Udemy

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This Continuous Improvement/Operational Excellence course will equip anyone with the basic skills, mind-set, habits and techniques to stand out from the crowd in any organisation. By applying the principles and tools outlined in this course - you will be seen as a leader of change and a driver of improvement in your organisation, which will provide you with self satisfaction as well as recognition and potentially opportunities to advance your career prospects into leadership roles.

Continuous Improvement is a set of principles that can be applied in any organisation big or small - to create the right environment and structure to accelerate measurable improvement. It is built on the foundations of lean, six sigma, change management, project management, coaching and engagement. Within this course you will discover tools that have been tried and tested in multiple industries world wide and can be applied anywhere.

Have you ever had one of the following thoughts?

  • I/my team don't fully understand how our day to day work contributes to the bigger picture of the organisation?

  • I/my team can't really tell how well we are performing from day to day/week to week against our goals?

  • We don't even have goals - we just do our job

  • I want to stand out from the crowd and lead the improvement of my/my teams performance

  • I/my team do not understand what "good quality" looks like for our work

  • We do not seem to understand the true root causes of our problems - we just repeatedly fix the same problems as they arise

  • Improvement projects are only done by project people and senior leaders - we don't get engaged

  • We do not have good documented standard procedures for our work

  • People do work in very different ways depending on their personal preference

  • Generally... its chaotic and disorganised in our organisation

This course will help tackle a lot of these common frustrations - and help springboard your personal growth and provide you with a set of transferable standards/questions in your own mind that you can take with you and apply in literally any job, in any industry (or even sports teams).

Specific skills / tools that will be covered:

  • Strategy development, deployment and cascade process

  • Root cause analysis and associated tools such as fishbone/ishikawa/interrelationship diagram/5 whys/convergent and divergent thinking

  • Visual performance management

  • Gemba (go-see the work)

  • Facilitation of workshops using basic CI tools

  • X matrix and vision tree

  • Vision and mission statement writing

  • Goal setting

  • Prioritising projects and solutions by gathering consensus

  • Data driven problem solving

What you will learn

  • Principles of a continuous improvement / operational excellence culture in any industry
  • How to use the basic skills and thinking to effectively identify and solve problems in their business
  • How to do data driven root cause analysis
  • How to perform effective strategy deployment
  • Learn what questions to ask to coach others to drive performance improvement in your team
  • How to set effective and visual performance measures to make team performance to goals more visual
  • Learn how to "coach upward" to your boss/line management chain to enable them to help your team to drive performance improvement


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