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Art Gallery, Exhibition Curating and Artist Management

A complete guide to Art Gallery Management and Exhibition Design

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1956 students2 hours 47 minutes

Created by Tina Ziegler, offered on Udemy

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Welcome to The Ziegler Academy

Expert curatorial and art management courses taught live via The Ziegler Collection or right here on Udemy through our virtual course.

Thank you for your interest in the The Complete Guide to Art Gallery Management and Exhibition Design; Part 1 - 3. Since 2010, this  course has been taught to over 1000+ students and has built a network of successful curators, gallery managers and artists.

The course is taught by Tina Ziegler, professional contemporary art curator and art fair director with over 15+ years experience working in the art market. Through informative and detailed voice lectures in a video presentation, Tina introduces the course in three specific modules covering all the key aspects of working in the art market and presented in a easy 'how to' format. 

The course is presented in three parts: 

Part one: Art Gallery Management - This section acts as an introduction to the art market, the responsibilities of a gallery manager and how to manage an art space, work with artists and manage art buyers. A complete overview to working in an gallery environment. 

Part two: Art Exhibition Design and Curating -  This section introduces you to the art curator, the exhibition calendar, an 8 step guide to curating an exhibition and how to market your exhibition to a wider public. 

Part three: Art Handling and Installation - This section focuses specifically on Art Handling and teaches you how to handle, package, ship, hang, install and light works of art in a professional and clear manner. 

What students say about this course: 

  " Whether you are a student looking to start a career in the commercial art world or a gallery manager looking to hone your skills this course is relevant to all. Tina's wealth of knowledge is invaluable, and coupled with her relaxed delivery style presents gallery management as an exciting but obtainable challenge." - Ruth 

  “ Absolutely fantabulous workshop teaching you everything you need to know about gallery management and business. Highly recommended to everyone involved in gallery/art business or thinking about dealing with art and artists in the future. I personally would recommend this workshop to students of art colleges and schools if they think whether to go into this business or not. Lovely atmosphere, many interesting useful ideas and fantastic students attending this workshop. Don't hesitate to buy this course, you'll get 10 hours of amazing and inspiring workshop. I loved these two days with Tina Ziegler and my class mates. Many thanks, Tina, for your workshop. “ - Irina 

  “This course was exactly what I was looking for in order to understand the world of the small art gallery. Tina made it interesting, informative and enjoyable. I would certainly recommend the course to anyone wishing to gain some knowledge of curating and managing an art gallery.”- June 

  “ Just wanted to say thanks to Tina for this absolutely essential, very informative workshop. Will definitely look for her courses again. Many thanks. “ - Irina 


What you will learn

  • In Part 1 of this course we will discuss Art Gallery Management. You will understand how the overall art market works, the different types of art spaces and how they function. We will look in detail at the role of a gallery manager and understand how to manage an exhibition space, work with artists and how to find and manage art buyers.
  • In Part 2 of this course we will introduce the role of the art curator, how to manage an exhibition calendar, a 8 step guide to curating an exhibition and how to market your exhibition to a wider public.
  • In Part 3 of this course you will learn how to handle artworks, package artworks, ship artworks nationally and internationally, how to install and hang artworks and how to professionally store artworks to avoid damaged work.


  • The only requirements for this course are a desire to learn more about the art market and having the motivation to apply what you learn here to the real world.
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