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Powerful (management) Coaching questions explained

Top 20 questions for Self-coaching, Executive, Entrepreneurial or Leadership coaching

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Created by Boris Jovanovic, offered on Udemy

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As you have noticed – coaching industry is booming and evolving very fast, and probably this is the reason why you are attracted here – with a hope to learn how to distinguish yourself.

To answer that challenge – we have created a short, specific free material – to serve you as an “add-on” to your existing coaching arsenal.

As you probably know – coaching is a dialog – however, instead of focusing on giving answers and “just talking”, there is a huge power in asking questions as an approach. For example – questions force us to think, to create answers we believe in and motivate us to act accordingly. And, here we don’t think on asking just a generic questions like:

- What is your goal?

- What stands on your way?

- What options or alternatives do you have?

- What else?

- Which one would you like to pursue?

- How committed you are? Etc.

Although these are great questions – you cannot ask them session after session – simply, in that case you are no longer needed. As we believe, successful management coaching nowadays requires process that facilitate human change, and it’s based on:

- Well-designed curriculum and

- Outcomes;

At the heart of the process, coaches insert a sort of a “powerful” questions – those that serve them to “move the needle”, or to help a client to get an insight, or to see his “topic” from a new perspective. That is why “powerful” questions are bold, thought-provoking, focused on clarifying distinctions and similar.

Here, you will find 20 questions explained, targeting different topics relevant for Executives like:

- Goals;

- Strategy;

- How to lead;

- Mindset; etc.

Hopefully, those will serve you well – just “save” them and use them when you need it!


What you will learn

  • How to inspire leaders to become the best version of themselves;
  • Learn questions to help you discuss different topics relevant for Executives like: Goals; Strategy; How to lead; Mindset; etc.
  • Learn questions that are bold, thought-provoking, focused on clarifying distinctions and similar.
  • Become a "trusted advisor" to business leaders.


  • Desire to help others succeed
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