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Conscious Business: Building Collaborative & Engaged Teams

Chapter 2: Create engagement & accountability, build collaborative teams, get 4 steps to make every relationship work.

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Created by Conscious Business Institute - Peter Matthies, offered on Udemy

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Learn how the most successful people are creating highly engaged and collaborative business teams.

Take this Conscious Business Institute Program and learn how you can create engaged and aligned teams.

About this course:

  • Create a culture of accountability & responsibility in any team

  • Learn 5 steps for moving teams from competition to collaboration

  • Get a proven methodology for creating engagement in any team

  • Learn about the 4 fundamental steps that will make every relationship work

  • Proven by high-potential executives at Intel, BMW, Starbucks and other top corporations

“The Success of your life is all about the quality of your relationships. You can’t be successful if your relationships don’t work.” -- Peter Matthies

In this course you'll get proven approaches & insights to move from competition to collaboration, so that you can create teams that are fully engaged, ready to go the extra mile.

You'll get a step-by-step approach for building a culture of responsibility & accountability in your team.

You'll learn a Conscious Business approach to increase engagement in any team.

You will learn the 4 steps that make every relationship work.

And you will understand what you need to do to make diversity & inclusion work in your organization.

Contents and Overview

Conscious Business: “Building Collaborative & Engaged Teams” – provides you with building blocks for well-functioning relationships and teams. In a structured way, you will:

  • Learn how to build a culture of accountability & responsibility in any team

  • Get the 5 Steps to move teams from Competition to Collaboration

  • Learn how to improve engagement in any team

  • Understand what's necessary to make Diversity & Inclusion work

  • Learn 4 steps that will make every relationship work.

Developed by experts in human behavior and consciousness, executives and advisors to top business leaders and politicians, this Module uses the experiences from most successful people and companies to help you improve the way you work and live.

This course contains 14 videos and 6 exercises.

We have taught these principles to over 30,000 of top corporate leaders in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, and Africa. These approaches have changed the way they lead their teams and organizations.

“I've been applying all the wonderful approaches you've given me, and I'm happy to say it has been going really well. It is so heartening to get e-mails from my people saying they appreciate my leadership and that is all thanks to you.”

H.M. -- VP, Intel

We developed this program because most of us have never learned how to create fully engaged and aligned teams. Look at the problems in your company – most of them go back to people issues – and we still haven’t figured out how to change this. This course will teach you how you can build effective teams: where people collaborate with each other, take responsibility, and treat each other with respect.

This program will give you a leg-up in your career as you build more energized and aligned teams.

Join a movement of thousands of professionals and executives around the world. Create engaged teams that want to make a difference, and help change the way we conduct business in the world.

Peter Matthies

What you will learn

  • Learn how to create a culture of accountability & responsibility in your team
  • Learn the 5 steps to create collaboration & engagement in your team
  • Understand the fundamental principles for building empowered & respectful relationships at work & at home
  • Learn the 4 steps that will make any relationship work


  • Bring a curiosity and willingness to make a difference.
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