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Complete IELTS Four Skills : Academic and General

In this course you learn everything about IELTS writing, IELTS reading, IELTS speaking and IELTS listening

3.45 / 5.0
17775 students17 hours 35 minutes

Created by Mostafa Bigdeli, offered on Udemy

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Are you going to study abroad or live in another country? You need IELTS But you cannot find a comprehensive and applicative course? Don’t worry; Complete IELTS Four Skills: Academic and General is here to help you!

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the most important tests and the main condition of entering universities for international students and living in English-speaking countries. So, if you want to learn it and join your friends in the universities of the world, it is highly recommended to join Complete IELTS Four Skills: Academic and General.

The method is based on three principles:

1. I teach essential concepts, techniques, and tips and avoid useless concepts

2. I teach through the samples and real questions

3. I teach clearly

This course was designed for those who do not have any or much knowledge of IELTS but want to learn everything needed about IELTS. In this course, you will learn about the criteria of IELTS writing and speaking. Also, some useful resources of IELTS are introduced to you. Further, you will learn essential concepts, general tips, and techniques of IELTS. There are also many challenges and exercises which can help you understand how real-world projects are. Totally, in this course, there are four main sections: Writing, Speaking, reading, and listening. Some of the things you learn in the writing section are as the following:

Writing section:

•  Criteria

•  Question type

•  Question analysis

•  Brainstorming

•  Idea developing

•  Question types

•  How to analyze charts and graphs

•  How to write a good overview

•  How to write a good introduction

•  How to write a good conclusion

•  How to write the body paragraphs

•  How to write about a graph or chart

•  How to write about a diagram

•  Types of letter

•  How to start and end your letter

•  How to write a good letter

Then, in the speaking section you will learn:

• Criteria of IELTS speaking

• General tips and techniques

•  Major topics of part 1,2, 3,

• Idea developing

• Question types of Part 1,2, 3

• Special tips and techniques of Part 1,2, 3

•  Presentation skills

• Body language

Reading section :

•  General reading sections

•  Reading question types

•  Special reading techniques

Listening section:

•  Question types

•  Techniques

Therefore, by the end of this course:

• You know all the question types of IELTS Writing and Speaking

•  You will learn how to get at least 6.5 in reading and listening

•  You will learn how to speak and how to write very well

• You know all the essential tips and techniques which are highly important to achieve a high score in writing and speaking

• You can speak more fluent and coherent

• You Have a better idea of developing

• You can cover almost all question of the examiner very well

• You learn some presentation skills which are indirectly effective in your band score

• Achieve at least 6.5 in your speaking

Why this course:

• It is a combination of academic background and 15 years of in-field experience.

• All questions of students all answered as soon as possible (less than 12 hours).

• All applicative and essential tips and techniques of IELTS have been covered completely.

• Clear explanation

• Several projects and exercises were designed for students to take a deep dive into IELTS writing and speaking

• Short videos (Generally less than 8 min) but essential and applicative concepts and techniques

• All episodes are taught PRACTICALLY.

Who this course is for:

All IELTS candidate (Academic and General training) who want to achieve 6.5+ in IELTS

All Academic and General Candidates

What you will learn

  • Tips and Techniques of Speaking and Writing
  • How to write an essay (Task 2)
  • How to write a report (Task 1 Academic)
  • How to write a letter (Task 1 General)
  • How to develop ideas for speaking and writing
  • How to analyze questions and do brainstorming
  • question types of writing task 1 and 2 (Academic and General)
  • Question types of speaking part 1,2,3


  • How to spell and pronounce IELTS  * LOL* (There is no requirement of IELTS)
  • Pre-intermediate and intermediate level of English
  • Passion and motivation
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