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English Conversation #5: Getting About the City & Directions

Essential English Grammar and Communication Skills for IELTS and Mastering English as a Second Language

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Created by Adrian Nantchev, offered on Udemy

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My lessons help you to Master English and Discover the World.

With me you are not just another student. Not just another learner. You are an Explorer - ready to explore and master English 1 word at a time.

For every 1 new word you master, you can make 7 more sentences in English.

Enroll to my course ONLY if you are ready and willing to start...

Have you ever had problem where you want to talk about directions? Or, where you did not know how to talk about how to get to palces? Or, you wanted to get around town and go somewhere new?

Then, this course was made for you! Enroll now if you want to take your English to the next level and to join the team of Explorers!

You will learn:

  1. Learn new words and phrases when you want to get around a town or city.

  2. Understand phrases and vocabulary that can be used in an airport.

  3. Recognise some different ways to ask for directions.

  4. Learn some vocabulary words relating to streets.

  5. Practise a conversation where you make your way around a town.

With my whiteboard and marker pens, I will teach you how to Master them and other important grammar rules too, such as:

There are small town and villages across the UK. Each of them would have a pub, post office and War Memorial.

  • Town hall

  • City Centre

    • Town centre

  • Car park

  • Library

  • Museum

  • Train Station

  • Plaza

We will explore English together as I show you mistakes and broaden the topics to go beyond just the lesson objectives.

Enroll now, if you want to Master English!

Enroll now, if want to Discover the World!

Enroll now, if you are ready to be more than a student or learner, but an Explorer!

Let's get started!


Master English, Discover the World.

What you will learn

  • I will help you Master English so you can Discover the World!
  • Start speaking with correct grammar and pronunciation, not just as a student or learner but as an Explorer.
  • Improve your English listening skills by listening to a native speaker.
  • Help you think in English.
  • Learn from common mistakes.


  • A burning desire to Master English and Discover the World!
  • Ready to not just be a student or a learner - but an Explorer!
  • Only if you are ready, and willing, to complete the entire course.
  • Be ready to challenge yourself and expand your comfort zone.
  • Something to take notes with.
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  • 1 hours 10 minutes
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