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Chinese Beginner 1 - Everything in HSK1

A communication focused Mandarin Chinese beginner course progressing students beyond HSK 1 level

4.81 / 5.0
3362 students6 hours 52 minutes

Created by Winkie Wong, offered on Udemy

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“Chinese Beginner 1 Course”, produced by ChineseQQ is tailored for non Chinese speakers to learn Chinese, starting from a complete beginner level. Composed of 20 lessons / 82 videos, this course will move you beyond HSK 1 level. In addition, it includes everything and meet the requirements to take HSK 1 exam.   

In each lesson, there’s a set downloadable lecture notes, which covers completely the lesson’s content, and a set of exercises will be provided. Regarding the exercises, they’re in various formats, such as ‘fill in the blanks’, ‘matching the sentences within a conversation’, translation...etc. Interactive online study sets, including audio flashcards, quizzes and games are also prepared. Moreover, Chinese character practices will be attached, which helps you to learn writing, reading and recognising characters, despite speaking and listening. A full vocabulary list will be provided by the end of course.

Lesson videos are designed in a fun and engaging way, which over 90% of the content is animated. It aims to provokes your interests, while allowing you to learn enjoyably and effectively.

What you'll gain from the course?

- Reach beyond HSK 1 level

- Learn over 250 vocabulary

- Essential grammar

- be able to hold a basic conversation

What's included in each lesson?

- Downloadable lecture notes

- Downloadable exercises & Chinese characters practice

- Online interactive study sets (including audio flashcards, quizzes, and games)

- A full vocabulary list

How's the course designed?

- 20 lessons, with 82 sessions (6 hours in total)

What you will learn

  • over 250 vocabulary
  • reach beyond HSK 1 level
  • hold a basic conversation
  • recognising and know how to write some characters
  • learn essential grammar


  • Any Chinese learner who is a complete beginner or above can take it
  • Suggested to learn alongside with HSK1 Standard Course Textbook (provided E-version in the course) & Workbok
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Frequently asked questions

  • Price: $24.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 6 hours 52 minutes
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bestcourses score: 7.9/10

This course is better than many others in its category.