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CISSP: How to study, plans, tips, materials, approach - 2022

Learn smarter CISSP study approaches, exam tricks, tips, and format, and how to answer the exam questions right - 2022

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Created by Thor Pedersen | 290,000+ Enrollments Worldwide, offered on Udemy

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*** Updated for the 2021 CISSP exam ***

Welcome, I am Thor Pedersen, and I am here to help you pass your CISSP certification.

With over 290,000 enrollments from 180+ countries, my CISSP and CISM courses are both the “Best Selling” and “Highest Rated” on Udemy.

Getting your CISSP certification now is a very smart career move.

  1. The CISSP certification is the gold standard for IT Security certifications.

  2. There are more job openings for CISSPs in the US (116,000) than there are CISSP certified individuals (92,000).

  3. The average CISSP salary in the US is over $125,000 a year.

What other students are saying about our "CISSP Certification Introduction" Course:

  • Very helpful course, not only for the CISSP but for any exam you want to take!! Highly recommended!! (Freeku, 5-stars).

  • This course fulfills the exact requirement for which it is designed. It will help me plan my CISSP journey and with tips and tricks. It will be helpful for you to go through this course to get a high level view to plan your CISSP journey. (Batish, 5-stars).

  • Great course! No nonsense teaching style! Cheers! (Paul, 5-stars).

  • The course material is well organized and Thor explains it better. The response to the queries are almost immediate. I would be signing up for all his other courses for CISSP. It's lot better than spending for classroom training. (Sandeep, 5-stars).

  • I have taken many CISSP courses and Thor is absolutely great on helping you get in the security mind set. Thank you Thor! (Giovanna. 5-stars).

In this course you will learn:

  • Where and how to start on your CISSP journey.

  • An overview of the 8 CISSP domains.

  • How to pick your CISSP study materials.

  • How and when to use your materials

  • How to deconstruct questions

  • Tips and tricks on how to study smarter for your CISSP certification.

  • How to find that valuable time to study.

  • Exam day; What to expect, the CISSP exam format, the types of exam questions you will see, and CISSP exam approaches. 

  • What you need to do when you pass the CISSP exam (How to get endorsed, earn CPEs, and pay your AMFs)

  • What to do if you fail the CISSP exam.

  • Links to 1,000's of free CISSP CPE's.

Prepare for the 2021 version of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification Exam, which is what you will be tested on until the next CISSP curriculum update in 2024.

You'll Also Get:

  • Lifetime Access to the course and all course updates.

  • Offline video viewing on the Udemy mobile apps.

  • Bonus materials: 10 CISSP practice questions from each of the 8 CISSP domains (80 in total).

  • Bonus materials: Downloadable CISSP study plan, CISSP CAT exam info-graphics.

  • 30-days no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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What you will learn

  • How to take the CISSP exam RIGHT!
  • Where to start on your CISSP certification journey.
  • How to study efficiently for the CISSP certification.
  • How to use logic on CISSP practice and exam questions to answer questions from the right point of view.
  • What to do when you pass or fail the exam and how to get free CPE's.
  • Learn why you want to get your CISSP certification, what it can give you.
  • Prepare for the 2021 version of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification Exam (next CISSP update is in 2024).


  • Wanting to pass the Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Certification Exam.
  • Wanting to learn about management level IT Security and Cyber Security.
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