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JBOSS EAP 7.3, Basic TO Expert - Project Based & Real Time


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504 students19 hours 44 minutes

Created by Venkatraman Venkatasubramanian, offered on Udemy

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Past & Future Road-Map with status:

Feb 2021: Converted this training to Project based course Module added -> Added 20 New Videos

Feb 2021: Number 2, VMware Virtual Machine Creation video for Jboss Added -> Added 2 New Videos

March 2021: What is port number with example -> 1 New Video Added

March 2021: Authentication & Authorization Video to be added -> Added 6 New Videos + 4 Videos On Progress

April 2021: MOD_CLUSTER -> Added New Project

May 2021:  JBOSS CLI Project Videos -> Added Multiple videos on June 2021

OCT 2021: Jboss Patch -> Coming soon

Dec 2021: Adding JMS  -> Delayed

Dec 2021: Interview Questions to be added -> Delayed


Guys, this is Venkat Raman V, welcome to my course on Jboss Enterprise Application Platform 7.3 version.

Important Information about this training:

  • No reading from presentation, the architecture, the diagrams are self made all those words in your PDF too.

  • Only on Linux prod like environment using SSH terminal no GUI (only for browser, windows o/s will be used)

  • No Linux experience needed,

  • Commands and method of execution is given in the video & PDF is attached for the commands,

  • Just follow the video and execute the commands in the PDF.

  • You can learn basic Linux commands also in this training as I have covered all the basic commands while going though the training.

About The Course:

This course introduces the student to Jboss EAP. Students will learn skills necessary to understand basic & advanced Jboss eap concepts and administrative tasks. At the end of this course the student will learn how to install jboss, understand JBOSS standalone and domain concepts, and administer jboss, configure ssl, horizontal cluster, working with jboss-cli mode, troubleshooting logs, setting JVM values and parameters, etc. in a very detailed manner.

This course is geared toward administrators, developers, or architects who are looking to understand fundamental to expert level on jboss concepts and how to administer a jboss environment quickly. My course is all done in linux ENV, only windows is used for browisng the application though an browser.

Relax and enjoy this course.

Who can take this course:

  • Anyone, no experience needed to take up this course on JBOSS.

After finishing this course you will be:

  • Expert level in JBOSS application server.

  • You can understand and resolve problems which is part of your JBOSS application server.

  • As I am covering overview of the other components of your application server you can also have some experience on those topics as well.

  • You can troubleshoot JBOSS and its related products.

  • You can fine tune JBOSS and its related products.

What you will learn

  • JBOSS Application Server
  • JBOSS Administration
  • Enterprise application platform


  • There is no pre-requisites for this course
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  • Price: $179.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 19 hours 44 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.8/10

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