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AWS Certified Security – Specialty SCS-C01 [New]

Gain knowledge on how to protect your AWS environment. Join Live Study Group Q&A!

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Created by Chandra Lingam, offered on Udemy

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***Chandra, I just passed the exam-- I used several resources but this course was the best resource I had... I really appreciate the effort you took to prep this course with so much detail.. All those PDFs came very handy.. In retrospect, all most every thing one need to pass the exam was there in the course - Mathew R***

***hello Chandra:  thank you very much for this excellent course, i passed my sec spec cert exam last friday.  i really enjoyed the format of the curriculum and your teaching style.  thank you again and i  will look for others courses from you - Joe F ***

***Passed exam with a score of 936/1000. Many thanks for putting together this course that steers a Security Specialty aspirant in the right path. I must say your course has been a valuable guide for my exam preparation - Abhishek PK ***

***Great course. Helped me clear my certification today. He explains everything in clear simple terms. Course hours seems like very short compared to other courses, but he covers everything in this. Best part is, its very simple and has lot of demos -- Karthick B***

***Cleared my AWS Security - Specialty exam today.  Yay !!! Thanks for your wonderful course on Udemy (Highly recommended) -- Ravi G***

Hi, and welcome to the AWS Certified Security – Specialty course!

I am Chandra Lingam, and I am your instructor.

In this course, you will gain first-hand experience on how to protect, monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents.

I have structured the curriculum into two parts: The first portion of the curriculum is a refresher.

We all come from different backgrounds and skills.

So, this refresher section covers the common minimum knowledge about AWS that is required for this exam.

We start by looking at the architecture of an order processing system using a server-based and serverless approach.

Having a blueprint of the solution will help you prepare for security risks in each component and how to handle them.

Each refresher section covers a core service. You will learn relevant concepts, complete the labs and quiz

We then dive into more advanced security topics.

How to manage identities and access

Gain visibility into activities in your AWS environment and respond in near real-time

How to monitor network traffic flow and troubleshoot connectivity issues

Managing multiple accounts in a large organization, enabling single sign-on, sharing resources among accounts

As a case study, we will review a recent attack in AWS and how to defend from such incidents

Various AWS services to protect and manage your environment.

Data encryption is a particularly important topic, and you will learn how to design and implement an appropriate encryption solution for data at rest and data in transit

We then look at incident response concepts, Acceptable use policy, abuse notifications, how to prepare for and manage a security incident, security testing procedures and so forth

The course also comes with a timed practice test

With the knowledge you gain in this course, you will also easily clear the certification exam!

I am looking forward to meeting you!

What you will learn

  • You will gain first-hand experience on how to protect, monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents
  • Material to prepare and pass the AWS Security Specialty Exam
  • Timed Practice Test
  • In-depth labs


  • Working knowledge of AWS and AWS Associate certification is recommended
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