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DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure + Practice Tests

Exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure || 25+ hrs of videos || Practice Tests || 100% Syllabus || Demos

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Created by Eshant Garg | AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | LearnCloud.Info | 100,000+ Enrollments, offered on Udemy

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This course is designed to help you and your team develop the skills necessary to pass the Microsoft Azure DP-203 certification exam.

DP-203 is intended for Azure data engineers. This exam is all about implementation and configuration, so you need to know how to create, manage, use, and configure data services in the Azure portal.

Why one should take DP-203 certification?

  • According to the 2019 dice dot com report, there was an 88 percent year over year growth in the job postings for data engineers which was the highest growth rate among all the technological jobs.

  • According to a recent study by pearsonvue, after taking the certification, 65% of people say they feel more confident in their current job. And 35% of people say that their salary has increased.

Highlights of course

  • Course is completely up-to-date with the latest syllabus released by Microsoft for DP-203

  • Course covers 100% exam syllabus

  • Course include

    • 25+ hrs of content

    • 2 practice test

    • Quiz - specially designed to clear concepts of objectives.

    • Further study material

    • PPT and Demo resources

Course includes:

  • Full lifetime access with all future updates

  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Certificate of course completion

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to prepare for DP-203 exam

  • Anyone who wants to become an Azure Data Engineer

  • Microsoft Azure Data Engineers

  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist

  • Database and BI developers

  • Database Administrators

  • Data Analyst or similar profiles

  • On-Premises Database related profiles who want to learn how to implement these technologies in Azure Cloud.

  • Anyone who wants to become an Azure Data Engineer


  • Basic Database concepts


  • English

  • Please make sure you are comfortable in English, captions are not good enough to understand the course.

Technologies covered in DP-203 certification


Implement non-relational data stores

  • Non-relational data stores (Blob Storage)

  • Cosmos DB

Implement relational data stores

  • Azure SQL Server

  • Azure Synapse Analytics Service

Manage data security

  • Data masking

  • Data Encryption

Develop batch processing solutions

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Databricks

Develop streaming solutions

  • Azure Streaming Service

Monitor data storage

  • Monitoring for Azure Blob Storage

  • Monitoring for Azure Data Lake

  • Monitoring for Azure SQL Database

  • Monitoring for Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Monitoring for Azure Cosmos DB

  • Azure Monitoring Service

Monitor data processing

  • Monitoring for Azure Data Factory

  • Monitoring for Azure Databricks

  • Monitoring for Azure Stream Analytics

Optimize Azure data solutions

  • Optimize Azure Data Lake

  • Optimize Azure Stream Analytics

  • Optimize Azure Synapse Analytics

  • Optimize Azure SQL Database

Some students Feedback

  • One of the most amazing courses i have ever taken on Udemy. Please don't hesitate to take this course. The instructor is really professional and has a great experience about the subject of the course. - Khadija Badary

  • Very nicely explained most of the concepts. a must have course for beginners - Manoranjan Swain

  • I appreciate this course explaining everything in great detail for a beginner. This will assist me in overcoming challenges at my work - Benjamin Curtis

  • Good course for Beginners. Labs are really helpful to grasp the concept. Thank you - Sapna

What you will learn

  • Prepare to pass the Microsoft exam DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Storage (Blob Storage) (DP-203 Syllabus)
  • Azure Cosmos DB (DP-203 Syllabus)
  • Azure Data Lake (DP-203 Syllabus)
  • Azure SQL Database (DP-203 Syllabus)
  • Azure SQL Datawarehouse, Synapse (DP-200203 Syllabus)
  • Azure Data Factory (DP-203 Syllabus)
  • Azure Databricks (DP-203 Syllabus)
  • Azure Analytics Services (DP-203 Syllabus)
  • Azure Monitoring Service (DP-203 Syllabus)


  • Basic Database Concepts
  • Enthusiasm and determination to clear DP-203 Exam
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