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SAP MM ECC Short Course - Part 2

MM Configurations, Inventory Management, Material Valuation - MM FI Integration, MRP, Invoice Verification Processes

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65 students6 hours 39 minutes

Created by Santosh Bora, offered on Udemy

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1.0 – MM Enterprise Structure

Creation, Assignment and significance of various MM Enterprise Structure components like

  • Company Code

  • Plant

  • Storage Locations

  • Purchasing Organization

  • Purchasing Groups

2.0 – MM Configurations

2.1 – Pricing Procedure

  • When and how to create condition tables

  • How the condition records are stored in database tables

  • What is access sequence, how to create

  • Condition type – various fields and their significance

  • Control features in condition type

  • Create pricing procedure

  • Assignment of pricing procedure in PO

  • Common interview question

2.2 – Release Strategy

  • Release strategies for internal and external purchasing documents

  • Configuration framework of release strategy

  • Create characteristics, class, release group, code, indicator etc

  • Create release strategies

  • Prerequisite matrix in release strategy explained with example

  • Release of various purchasing documents

2.3 – PO Document Types

  • PO document type configuration

  • Screen layout for PO with document type configuration

3.0 – Inventory Management

  • MIGO transaction overview

  • All material movement types – relevant for MM explained with example in MIGO

  • MIGO Transaction configuration settings

  • Creating a new movement type

  • Reason for movement configuration

  • Create reservation

  • Physical Inventory process – End to end cycles explained

4.0 – Material Valuation – Automatic Account Determination Settings – MM FI Integration

  • Price control methods in SAP

  • Rules to remember for accounting documents

  • Accounting documents in GR & IR

  • Standard and Moving Average Price behavior

  • How a new Moving Average Price is calculated

  • Account determination settings, customization

  • Account keys in pricing procedure

  • Split Valuation concept

  • Creating a material with split valuation

  • Configuration for split valuation

5.0 – Materials Requirement Planning

  • Logical steps in MRP process

  • Planning file details – Planning keys explained

  • How the materials are selected for MRP

  • Different MRP types

  • Reorder point planning

  • Lot Sizing Procedures

  • Generating procurement proposals

  • MRP run screen – options explained

  • Generate Schedule lines in MRP - required settings

  • MRP View fields, their significance and effect explained with actual example

6.0 –Invoice Verification Process

  • MIRO Screen Overview

  • Invoice, credit memo, Subsequent Credit, Subsequent debit explained with example

  • Return PO – end to end cycle explained with example

  • Invoice Correction process

  • Hold, Park, Save as complete invoice statuses explained

What you will learn

  • Configurations in SAP MM in details - Concepts , Steps and examples


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