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Agile Scrum Training: Scrum Master+Agile Project Management

Complete Agile Scrum Crash Course - Scrum Master Certification - Agile Project Management – PSM 1- Product Owner

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11208 students2 hours 40 minutes

Created by Umer Waqar, PMP, offered on Udemy

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Welcome to the Best Selling course where you will learn all the important concepts of Agile project management and Scrum. I will also help you prepare for exams such as the Scrum Master Certification PSM 1 and CSM Certified Scrum Master.

This is the Most Clear and Concise Agile Scrum Training on Udemy. It is a complete course that has been specially designed for beginners, where every topic has been explained step by step, in simple language.

This course contains videos, practice tests, and a certificate of completion. Plus, you will get Lifetime access and free course updates.

What you will get in this course:

  • Complete Overview of Agile and Scrum - You will learn all the essential concepts and topics involved in Agile and Scrum projects.

  • Professional Scrum Master Certification Preparation PSM 1 - You will be able to pass the Scrum Master Certification exam on your first attempt.

  • High Quality Video lectures - The course contains high quality precise videos, each of which covers a different topic.

  • Realistic Practice Exams and Quizzes - The course contains high quality practice exams which are similar to the actual exams.

  • Clear,Concise, Simple to Understand - Everything has been explained in simple language and friendly manner.

  • Based on the Scrum Guide - We will cover all the topics in the same order as listed in the Official Scrum guide.

  • Lifetime access - The course is yours for life, there is no expiration date

  • How to manage Projects using Scrum and Agile - Learn easy and practical examples on how agile and scrum are implemented on projects.

  • Product Owner Role - Learn how the product owner works as a product manager and is involved in product management related projects.

What is Agile Project Management and Scrum?

Agile is one of the most popular approaches for managing complex projects, over 70% of the world's organizations are using Agile.

Agile can be implemented in a number of ways. Scrum is the most highly used methodology for implementing Agile on a project.

In other words, Scrum is the most famous Agile methodology in the world.

Course Overview: What topics will we cover?

The course starts with a complete overview of Waterfall, Agile and Scrum where we will discuss all their most important concepts.

After that, we will dive deep and cover all the topics of the Scrum Guide, which is the most renowned resource for learning about Scrum.

Here is a list of the topics we will cover in this course:

  • What is Waterfall (Traditional Project Management)

  • What is Agile Project Management

  • What is Scrum

  • What is a Sprint

  • Scrum Theory and Pillars

  • Scrum Events

    • Sprint Planning

    • Daily Scrum

    • Sprint Retrospective

    • Sprint Review

  • Scrum Roles

    • Product Owner

    • Scrum Master

    • Development Team

  • Scrum Artifacts

    • Product Backlog

    • Sprint Backlog

    • Increment

  • User Stories

  • Story Points

  • Definition of Done

  • Burndown Charts

What students say about my course:

"Easy to understand for beginners and someone who has no experience.! Very happy with the course!" Victoria seeman

Very effective and concise lessons. I learned a lot in a short period and the practice exam was really helpful. Tany Marley

"I now have a clear idea what scrum agile is used for and how different it is from Project management. I also understand different roles in scrum team, and whats expected of them." Palesa Selahla

"Comprehensive coverage of topics and the same time very clear and concise. True value for money! Thanks Umer!" Jaikrishnan Unni Nair

"This course is really very quick and sharp on the Concepts. There is no time wastage, each video is max 5 mins with only important information. I enjoyed studying this." Shilpa Varma Rajendraprasad

This course comes with a 30 day, no questions asked, full money back guarantee.

So click on the "Buy now" button to your right and let's get started!

Scrum™, Professional Scrum Master, PSM, etc. is the protected brand of Scrum .org. This course and practice exam is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum .org.

What you will learn

  • Everything you need to know about Agile and Scrum explained in simple language
  • Pass the Scrum Master Certification on your first attempt (PSM 1- Professional Scrum Master)
  • Learn How to Manage Agile and Scrum Projects
  • Scrum Roles - Product Owner, Scrum Master, Development Team
  • Scrum Events - Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective
  • Scrum Artifacts - Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Increment
  • Complete Overview of Agile Project Management
  • High Quality Practice Tests/Exams for PSM 1
  • Learn How a Product Owner performs Product Management


  • Just your passion and eagerness
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  • 2 hours 40 minutes
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