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Salesforce Lightning Administrator Certification Part 1

Become certified Salesforce Admin- Salesforce Org, User Setup, Security, Objects, Salesforce Admin related customization

4.45 / 5.0
210 students5 hours 40 minutes

Created by Yashad Tayal, offered on Udemy

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Looking for a concise course to help you pass Salesforce admin certificate?

The Salesforce lightning Admin certification course is for students who are interested in acquiring the Salesforce Admin certificate and to Learn salesforce lightning platform. This course is designed to help you pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam and make you an awesome admin as the course will give you plenty of opportunities to do hands-on in your own free Salesforce account. The course - Salesforce Admin will take you through various customization's possible in Salesforce lightning. The course also covers how to implement some of the commonly used business scenarios in Salesforce lightning so that students can have a hands-on experience of some real business use cases.

No programming knowledge is needed for the course.

The course is made very concisely keeping in mind that all the relevant information is covered. The salesforce admin course will help new admins as well the existing admins who are transitioning from classic to lightning to navigate and change the user interface of Salesforce as well as configure the platform as per the business needs. Each and every topic is covered in very engaging and interesting manner. This course is not a power-point presentation but its a complete hands -on course so you can learn by doing.

The Salesforce Administrator course follows the official Salesforce Administrator exam outline and goes above and beyond to teach you various techniques and best practices that will serve you in the long haul in Salesforce eco-system.

This course has over 5.5 hours of video content. At the end of course you will have knowledge and hands on experience on lightning platform which is needed to take up the Salesforce certifications. I am updating and will keep adding new content in this course regularly.

So join me in becoming a trailblazer and an Awesome Admin and get your Salesforce Administrator Certification by completing the Salesforce course today!

Happy Learning!!

What you will learn

  • Salesforce admin level customizations
  • How To Create & Grow Salesforce Org
  • How to become Salesforce Certified Administrator/Admin
  • Customize Lightning mobile app as a Salesforce Admin
  • Salesforce Setup Configurations and advanced customization
  • Salesforce Lightning interface
  • Salesforce Sales cloud
  • Salesforce Object Creation
  • Constant Updates as Salesforce Evolves


  • Internet connection
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  • Price: $19.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 5 hours 40 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.4/10

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