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SAP Data Services (BODS) Masterclass : Learn From Scratch

S4HANA Data Migration | ETL with BODS|Data Quality | Information Steward | CDC | Cloud Connect | BODS Certification

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If you want to learn SAP Data Services (BODS) from scratch in most comprehensive way then this course if for you.

In this course we will be covering almost all the things required for BODS certification.

No prior BODS experience is required for this course.

Listing down things you will learning with this course :

- Detailed BODS Designer Walk Through

- Creation of Data connection (DS)

- Using File Format as Source and Target

- Using Excel File Format to consume the data

- Using Joins and Filters

- Using Platform Transform Techniques (Merge, Join, SQL, Validation, Query , Case Etc.)

- Using Standard and Custom Functions

- Detailed BODS Admin Panel Walk Through

- Scheduling of  Jobs from Admin Panel

- Pivoting and Reverse Pivoting of Data

- Using Script, Variable and Parameters

- Overview of Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD)

- Using Source-Based Change Data Capture (CDC)

- Using Target-Based Change Data Capture (CDC)

- Various methods of Error Handling

- Validation, Tracing , Auditing & Debugging of BODS objects

- Using of  Loop Functionality

- How to Transport BODS object

- Using various in-built BODS functions

- Step By Step S4 Data Migration

- Details on various Data Quality Transforms

- How to use Information Steward

- Information Stewards Data Insights, Metapedia, Metadata, Joins, Custom Cleaning Package

- More lectures on File error handling

- BODS Data Compare

- Connect to S4HANA/ECC

- Call S4HANA/ECC Functions in BODS

- BW Datasource (ODP) Extraction

- Connect to AWS cloud

- BODS theory (Optional)

If you have any queries then please contact us or ask in QnA section.

Tags : SAP BODS, SAP BO Data Services, SAP Body

What you will learn

  • You will learn how to create various BODS objects
  • You will learn BODS from scratch with all Hand-On exercise
  • You will learn learn how to migrate data to S4HANA
  • You will learn various BODS functionality in detail
  • You will learn how to connect BODS to Data Source and various File formats
  • You will learn how to consume and produce various XML files and Nested structures
  • How to work with Data Quality Transforms
  • How to work with Information Stewards


  • You would need BODS system access to practice
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  • 9 hours 23 minutes
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