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Integration in Pega 8.6 Live Demonstration 2021

Practice makes a Man Perfect

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You Can Learn Step By Step Procedure to Configure and Use CONNECT-REST and CONNECT-SOAP.

Here is Definition for Connectors


A connector defines an outbound request for information based on metadata that is published for the data source. Connectors establish a connection to an external system by using an agreed-upon framework to pass data, such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) or Representational State Transfer (REST). Connectors pass application data to an external data source through required or optional parameters and parse the response to map source data to the data structure used in the application.

Consider the process of applying for a loan with a Pega Platform application. A customer creates a case to apply for a loan. The loan management application processes the case and requests the customer's credit history from a credit agency. The loan management application uses a connector to provide the taxpayer ID and any other identifying information to a service hosted by the credit agency. The service provides a response that includes a credit score and an array that lists active and inactive lines of credit. The connector maps some or all of the response data to the data structure used by the case. For example, the connector can map the credit score to a data element and ignore the credit history.

In Pega Platform, you implement a connector with a connector rule. When you use a connector to request information from a data source, you can call the connector from a data page. When you use a connector to send information to a data source (for example, updating the vehicle status when a customer reserves a rental vehicle), you can call the connector from an activity.

Supported connectors

Pega provides connectors for a wide range of industry-standard protocols and standards. Standard connectors include SOAP, REST, SAP, EJB, JMS, MQ, File, and CMIS.

What you will learn

  • In This Course You Can Learn How to Use CONNECT-REST and CONNECT-SOAP With Step By Live Demostration


  • Must Know Basics of Pega
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bestcourses score: 1.5/10

There are most likely better courses available for this topic.