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Tableau Tutorial for Absolute Beginners, Data Analysis & BI

Learn Tableu Desktop Public and Tableau Desktop Professional for Data Analysis and Business Intelligence

4.85 / 5.0
45 students6 hours 59 minutes

Created by Ankit Srivastava, offered on Udemy

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Introduction and Installation

  • Tableau Tutorial for Beginners - Different Tableau Products

  • Different Terms Used in Tableau and Getting Started with Tableau Public Desktop

Building different type of graphs in Tableau

  • How to create a line chart in Tableau - Sum of sales and profit

  • Compare two measures using dual axes

  • Measure Values and Measure Names in Tableau

  • Creating an Area Chart in Tableau

  • How to make Box and Whisker Plot in Tableau - Distribution of Data

  • How to Create Calculated Fields in Tableau - Simple Example

  • How to Create Bullet Graph

  • Create Density Marks or Heatmap in Tableau

  • Gantt Chart in Tableau - Analysis of Orders.Csv File

  • Highlight Table or Heat Map in Tableau - Superstore Dataset

  • Highlight Table and Heatmap on Tips Dataset

  • Distribution of Total Bill using Histogram

  • Meaning, Purpose and process of building Packed bubble charts in Tableau

  • Pie Chart in Tableau On Titanic Dataset EDA

  • How to Build Maps with example - State-wise Population of USA - 2018

  • Steps of creating Text Table in Tableau

Relationships and Joins

  • Relationships in Tableau

  • Analysis of Northwind Data - Joins and Relationships

Calculations or Calculated Fields in Tableau

  • Tableau Calculated Fields - Intro - IIF Function

  • Calculated Fields - Arithmetic Operators

  • Mathematical Functions

  • Concatenation in Tableau Calculated Fields

  • Transform - Split in Tableau Custom Fields

  • Concatenation with some string functions in Tableau

  • AND and OR Logical Operators in Tableau

  • LEVEL Of DETAIL (LOD) Expressions in Tableau

  • Include and Exclude LOD Expressions

Connecting to Servers using Tableau Desktop

  • Connecting Tableau with MySQL Server Database

  • How to Install PostgreSQL

  • Connecting PostgreSQL Database with Tableau Desktop

  • Connect Tableau Desktop with Google Sheets

What you will learn

  • Install and use Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public
  • Concepts of Data Visualization
  • Creating different types of charts like Bar, Line, Scatter, Map, Histogram etc.
  • Creating interactive sheets, dashboards and stories
  • Connecting to different formats of data sources like MySQL, PostgreSQL, XLS, CSV, JSON etc.
  • Using analytical tools in Tableau like Regression, Clustering, Forecast etc.
  • Learn how to Prepare data, for eg: typecasting, converting measures to dimensions and vice versa
  • Visualization of time series data
  • Visualization of Geographical Data on Map Charts


  • Basic knowledge of operating your computer
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  • 6 hours 59 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.3/10

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