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EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT)

Become an EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT)! We will support you!

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Created by CCEC Centre of Competence, offered on Udemy

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The EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT) examination is a certification examination for EPLAN users who are visiting the vocational or and advanced technical school. Visit us under: https://www. eplan - certified. com/shop/

Do you have a passion for learning?

Are you excited about becoming an EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT)?

If you answered "Yes!" to that, then you're ready to get started!

The EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT) are international certifications for anyone who uses EPLAN software in training, studies, or further education. In this course, we will show you how you can successfully become certified.

The EPLAN Education software is internationally recognized and enables the integrated project planning of machines and systems in electrical engineering, fluid power, I&C, and enclosure design. The web-based EPLAN Data Portal also provides up-to-date device data from market-leading component manufacturers.

When creating this course, we emphasized the importance of correctly understanding and learning the basics of EPLAN.

In EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT) Video Tutorial, we make sure to cover all the important content in the video content and how-to sequences, and sample exams can have fun and understand how to earn the coveted certification.

By the end of the course, you will have a good understanding of how EPLAN works, and you will be empowered to successfully pass the coveted certification.

After this course, you will understand the requirements of the exam and how exactly the practical and theoretical part of the exam is conducted.

You will also learn how to download the software for the exam and do the first steps with EPLAN video tutorials. This course is free of charge and offers nine exciting topics to show you how to the ECT certificate!

The course consists of the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Video Tutorials and Software Download

  • Lesson 2: Exam Preparation

  • Lesson 3: Importing the Template Project into EPLAN

  • Lesson 4: Examination Preparation Solution

  • Lesson 5: Practical Examination

  • Lesson 6: Handing in the Practical Examination

  • Lesson 7: Theoretical Examination

  • Lesson 8: Certificate

  • Lesson 9: Your Feedback on the Online Exam

We invite you to read the free lectures of the ECT course to learn more details about it.

Join in!

What you will learn

  • How to become an EPLAN Certified Technician (ECT)!
  • What the practical examination procedure looks like.
  • What the procedure for the theoretical examination looks like.
  • Tips and tricks for the certification exam.


  • All motivated students, high school students, aspiring technicians or persons in education are welcome.
  • Visit us under: https://www. eplan - certified. com/shop/
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