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Master Dynamics 365 Tables, Relationships, And Columns.

Learn To Customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tables (Entities), Relationships, And Columns (Fields)

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Created by Online CRM Training (3E Consulting Private Limited), offered on Udemy

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Do you want to learn how to Customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tables (Entities), Relationships, and Columns (Fields) like a Champ? 

If yes, then this course is for you.



Fred Magee says "Very good course that builds on part 1. Really enjoyed the detail in the Entity section. Directly applicable to my current tasks in the real world. Thanks!"

Teresa Moses says "Instruction by Abhay Sharma ROCKS!!! Most complete MS training I've ever experienced......and worth every cent!! His instruction never had me thinking of purchasing a "re-take" cause it's thorough! The difference between nice and kind :) Thanks again Abhay!!"

Harish Rao says "Great course."

Amos Tunsil says "I thought the explanation of the difference between customizing vs configuring was of great value."

Danni Zhu says "Worth the money I paid!"



  • Welcome & What To Expect?

  • Let's Understand Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customizations

Manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tables (Entities)

  • Module Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Manage Entities - Entities Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Manage Entities - Types of Entities

  • Dynamics 365 Manage Entities - Custom Entities

  • Module Review

Implement Dynamics 365 Tables Relationships

  • Module Overview

  • Manage Dynamics 365 Relationships - Understanding Relationships

  • Manage Dynamics 365 Relationships - Cascading Rules

  • Manage Dynamics 365 Relationships - Hierarchical Data

  • Manage Dynamics 365 Relationships - Configure Entity Mapping

  • Manage Dynamics 365 Relationships - Create Connections & Connection Roles

  • Module Review

Configure Microsoft Dynamics 365 Columns (Fields)

  • Module Overview

  • Configure Dynamics 365 Fields - Understanding Fields

  • Configure Dynamics 365 Fields - Configure Field Properties

  • Configure Dynamics 365 Fields - Implement Option Sets & Two Options

  • Configure Dynamics 365 Fields - Configure Lookup & Customer Fields

  • Module Review

Customize Dynamics 365 Columns (Fields)

  • Module Overview

  • Dynamics 365 Fields Customization - Configure Fields

  • Dynamics 365 Fields Customization - Use Calculated Fields

  • Dynamics 365 Fields Customization - Use Rollup Fields

  • Dynamics 365 Fields Customization - Create Alternate Keys

  • Dynamics 365 Fields Customization - Configure Field Security

  • Dynamics 365 Fields Customization - Status & Status Reasons

  • Dynamics 365 Fields Customization - Status Reason Transitions

  • Module Review

Next Steps


Did you know, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based Enterprise Business Solution that helps companies in Sales Force Automation, Improve Customer Experience, Field Service Management, Project Service Automation, Manage Financials and Operations for any business? 

Dynamics 365 is one of the primary focuses of Microsoft and a lot of innovation is happening towards the improvement of this product and the companies who use Dynamics 365. 

If you are a Consultant or an aspiring Consultant, then this course will help you understand how to customize Tables (Entities), Tables Relationships, And Columns (Fields).

So, go ahead, enroll in this second course of the four courses series.

Wish you all the very best. 

To Your Success,
Abhay Sharma

What you will learn

  • Learn every topic in detail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization & Configuration (Implement Dynamics 365 Entities, Entity Relationships, And Fields)
  • Be confident to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 Entities (Tables), Relationships, and Fields (Columns).


  • You should have basic knowledge of Microsoft Office applications like Outlook, Excel.
  • You should be comfortable in using Computer/Laptop and surf internet
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365
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  • 3 hours 29 minutes
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