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Get Trading: Heikin Ashi strategies for Forex & Stocks

Help your trading psychology & results by learning this simple Japanese technical analysis chart method!

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Created by Stephen Hoad, offered on Udemy

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Understanding this ancient method of candlestick charting can certainly reap dividends for your trading!


I’ve noticed with both new and old traders alike, the propensity for them to cut out of trades far too early and regret their actions as they see the trade move in the direction they first sort to a much bigger degree. The reverse can also be said for setting stop limits and pulling them too tight and again being forced out of a potentially winning trade unnecessarily.


This trait is most prevalent (and understandably so) in new traders. I put this down to new traders falling into the trap that ‘Amateurs want to be right. Professionals want to make money!’ Due to inexperience they force trades to a conclusion rather than sticking to their original mental trading model strategy.


Another major psychological problem is that as we start to win we become more risk averse and as we start to lose we become bigger risk takers! The old adage that you must let your profits run is very true!

Of course, that is what makes trading fun and also very difficult! Pareto’s 80/20 rule is very relevant here. I believe trading is 80% psychological, using the other 20% to store your trading knowledge and skills.


Having a clearly defined trading plan and strategy would aid this process but I have noticed whilst teaching and mentoring many of my students that they simply like to tinker.

They struggle with the psychological movement of the price of any given asset and get too absorbed in the now and become clouded when trying to decipher the current trend: adjusting stop losses, pulling in limit orders and making irrational decisions.

So even with the best laid plans the actual trade can go horribly wrong!

So you may now be asking: “What has this got to do with Japanese Candlestick charting methods?” Quite simply, I introduce traders I see having these issues to the world of Heikin Ashi candles as a method of smoothing out some of the noise that impacts their decision making processes - it makes them more 'robust' and 'disciplined' traders.

Heikin Ashi candles I use quite considerably in my own trading and technical analysis. They are also a fantastic charting method for creating highly effective, automatable trading strategies, which can be adapted to many trading styles: swing, trend, scalping etc and work across all trading timeframes. So what are they and now can they be used to better your trading? You can find out within the course!!


  • This is a course for all levels of ability - beginners through to the more experienced interested in learning about another unique concept from the world of Japanese technical analysis.

  • It is relevant to many different styles of trading e.g. day, scalping, trend following, swing trading etc.

  • It would be very useful for any trader struggling with the 'psychology' of chart trading.

  • You will learn how to master this chart type, be able to enhance it further and be able to construct your own trading strategies around the Heikin Ashi concept.

What you will learn

  • You'll learn how to master a unique tool in Technical Analysis - Japanese Heikin Ashi Charts. You'll learn how to utilise these charts to give your trading an edge and put the odds of success more on your side! Heikin Ashi charts will also help sort out your bad trading psychology, add discipline and help you create a more systematic approach to your trading.


  • The course is for all abilities, but a prior knowledge of Technical Analysis and trading would be advantageous but not essential. You will need a Technical Analysis charting package that allows you to utilise Japanese charts such as Heikin Ashi and add indicators and tools on top of these charts. If you don't have this, don't worry we can point you in the right direction within the course (the free intro Section 1 covers this). If you just want to learn about new methods of applying Heikin Ashi for purely educational purposes and don't want to apply it practically then you wont need a Technical Analysis charting package.
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