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Day Trading 102: How To Find Winning Stocks to Day Trade

Scan the market, read trading news and find stocks that have the potential to make a big price move in just a few hours

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Created by Luca Moschini, offered on Udemy

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Trading and Investing: 

Do you want to

  • Learn how to find winning stocks to day trade?

  • Know what sites to visit to get news and information on stocks that are moving on that day?

  • Know what type of news to pay attention to that can actually affect price movement?

  • Learn how to establish a healthy pre-market and after hour market routine to analyze charts and find potential trades to take?

  • Learn how to scan the market and create a watch list?

This course is part 2 of our Day Trading series.

This Udemy day trading course will show you where and how to find trading opportunities to day trade and occasionally swing trade every day.

It will show you sites to visit to get information and read news affecting stock price movements. You will also learn how to using a unique indicator to scan the market right at the opening and through our the trading session.

This course is part 2 of our best selling day trade series Day Trading 101: How To Day Trade Stocks for Passive Income

Stop exposing your capital to overnight risk. Learn everything you need to know to start day trading in the stock market today! 


Day Trading 102: How To Find Winning Stocks to Day Trade is a course designed to teach you a simple step-by-step method to find stocks to day trade.

This course will teach you where to find stocks that have the potential to make a big move that same day, what news to read that matters and how to build a focused and refined watch list.

In this course you will learn:

  1. a unique method of scanning the market to find winning trades

  2. what sites to visit to identify potential winners for that day

  3. where to the get news and information for free

  4. how to benefit from price/volume spikes and drops

  5. what type of news to focus on that can actually affect price move, and what type of news not to pay attention to.

  6. how to establish a healthy pre-market and after hour market routine, in order to analyze charts and find potential trades to take

  7. how to create a watch list of five-ten stocks to focus on that day

We will talk in detail about scanning the market, volume activity, news feed and reason behind price movement, chart analysis and so much more!


Reading charts, recognizing pattern formations, understanding price action, and anticipating future price movements is the goal of the trader. 

Finding the right stocks to trade and putting your trading skills at work, is the next step. This course will teach you that!

Successful day traders identify stocks that have the potential to make big price movement for that day, and position themselves early in the game, before the crowds get in.

They know how to take advantage of huge price and volume activity, and how to cash in large profits in just a few hours.

Technical analysis, candlestick analysis and volume activity is a powerful combination, that will give you the confidence to know when to enter a trade, and when it is time to get out of the trade and protect your profits. This is what you learned from Day Trading 101: How to Day Trade for Passive Income.

This course Day Trading 102: How to Find Winning Stocks to Day Trade with teach you the next step: where to find those hidden treasures every single day.


In this day trading series we reveal all the hidden secrets about day trading.

New lectures will be added to the course regularly - at no extra cost to you! This is a course that will continue to grow. 

Take this course now and learn from my 10+ years of experience. Avoid the most common pitfalls that catch 90% of traders! 

Too often beginner traders enter the market without the necessary knowledge and practice needed. As a result they take excessive, expensive and unnecessary risks hoping for higher returns. This course will teach you a very effective way to trade in the market successfully and with confidence.

This course is for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced traders! All you need is an open mind and a passion to be successful! 

Enroll in this course now and start trading the market successfully!


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What you will learn

  • Search the web and find stocks with the potential to make big moves as soon as the market opens
  • Select company stocks based on hot and positive news reports
  • Create a day trade watch list based on your findings
  • Learn to read a unique set of indicators and trade the charts efficiently
  • Learn to draw key areas of support and resistance
  • Recognize and utilize day trade consolidation and breakout patterns
  • Scan the market for other intraday trading opportunities


  • Desire to learn
  • Everyone is welcome
  • A computer or tablet to watch the videos
  • Pen and paper for taking notes
  • Nothing else is needed, everything you need to learn to how to trade in the stock market is included in the course
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