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Spanish Flamenco Guitar Rumba Rhythm for Beginners

Go from knowing nothing about the guitar to playing flamenco rhythms you'll love in just weeks!

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611 students2 hours 54 minutes

Created by Chris Jacome, offered on Udemy

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How to Play Spanish Flamenco Guitar Rumba Rhythm
(A Step-by-Step Course for ABSOLUTE Beginner Guitarists)


Learning to Play Flamenco guitar can be SO MUCH FUN!!!

In this course you will learn the rhythm used by the Gipsy Kings, Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook and even Paco de Lucia!!

Sound a little intimidating? I know it can be...IF you don't have the proper guidance.

But don't fret (ha! that's a guitar joke...)! I have created this course specifically for  ABSOLUTE beginner guitarists with NO EXPERIENCE!


This is a thoroughly tried and tested method taking you step-by-step, layering technique upon technique with in-depth and precise technique tips.

With this 100% Linear Curriculum, YOU CAN play flamenco guitar! I PROMISE!

5 star review for the course...WITH the "WHY"!

"yes, very informative. material is presented very well and in a very understandable manner. finding Chris's teaching method to be exceptional in really being able to reach a total beginner with these concepts. i have practiced these technique thru other resources and none were as clear or as well taught as Chris is doing in this course. things may seem a little redundant or slow in the first couple of sections, but all of that is important and he is making sure you understand each nuance so that by the time you reach the chord progression at the end of section 4, you have practiced the movements and you understand how to put it all together. other teaching resources i have used have not been this clear or as well organized with these techniques, and i have learned a lot of things i've been doing not so ergonomic or correct. this is very very good!" - Daryl C.

"Your lessons are so good. The way you break it down, into half a measure at a time and explaining the beats, really I don’t think it’s possible to break it down any further, and it makes it accessible to me. " - Elaine H.


Aren't you tired of learning random guitar skills and techniques from various online sources and feeling like you're really getting nowhere?

I've been teaching guitar for more than 30 years! I have multiple fixes for every possible question but one of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I see guitar students make is by skipping the absolute fundamentals. That's why I start from the very beginning so I KNOW that you have everything you need to play the guitar well from the very beginning.

"I would recommend Chris Jacome to anyone who wishes to learn Flamenco guitar, or to just experience this beautiful style." - Wes W.


You, YES YOU, will learn the essentials of guitar technique and within a few short weeks you will be playing some incredible flamenco rhythms with your guitar skills!

By the end of this course you will know more about how to play guitar, how to improve and how to practice CORRECTLY to achieve RESULTS than many highly-advanced guitarists.

My more than 30 years of guitar teaching experience has yielded many tools, techniques and tips that I share with all my students to provide maximum understanding and results as quickly as possible. I have found that by sharing the WHY behind the techniques allows online students to self-correct and get extraordinary results.

This is truly a zero to HERO flamenco rumba rhythm course.

So, what are you waiting for?

You'll get an exceptional guitar course, learn incredible rhythms and techniques PLUS you will receive PRINTABLE PDF Lesson Plans with ALL OF THE MUSIC played!

Start today!

I can't wait to hear you rockin' that flamenco guitar and read your success story!!!

"As one of the premiere flamenco guitarists residing in the U.S., Chris' talent and love of the art are unmistakable. Chris comes highly recommended for anyone interested in studying flamenco guitar." - Michelle A.

What you will learn

  • Learn the MOST POPULAR rhythm for Flamenco/Spanish Guitar
  • Be able to play songs by Gipsy Kings, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Jesse Cook, Ottmar Liebert and more
  • Learn the MOST important strumming patterns and techniques...the CORRECT WAY
  • Impress your friends and family with your Flying Flamenco Fingers
  • *Comprehensive Printable PDF Lesson Guide with over 25 pages of written music and exercises
  • Learn how to practice properly
  • Learn to HEAR and UNDERSTAND rhythms like you never thought possible
  • Learn how to gain lightning-fast strumming speed
  • Develop a great foundation for all rhythm guitar playing
  • Learn flamenco guitar technique fundamentals used in all flamenco music


  • No prior knowledge necessary! Absolute beginners are welcome!
  • Have access to a guitar (preferably an acoustic guitar with nylon strings)
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  • 2 hours 54 minutes
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