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21-Day Stress Reduction Challenge

21 days of empowering information and daily stress-busting tasks!

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19 students3 hours 29 minutes

Created by Coach George, offered on Udemy

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Are you feeling stressed out? Do you have difficulty dealing with your stress? Do you suffer with symptoms like anxiety, irritability, tiredness and an inability to concentrate? Are you ready to take action to control it, once and for all? Then this 21-Day Stress Reduction Challenge is for you!

A message from the instructors, George and Sarah:

We're George and Sarah, owners of Thrive Senses -a well-being company offering coaching, training, consultations, challenges, courses and retreats. We're deeply passionate about mental health and well-being and love helping our clients find their pathway to optimal well-being and truly thrive!

As a couple, we have six children and we've lived in three different countries. So we've been through our fair share of stressful situations. However, through a mixture of personal and professional experience, academic study and research, we've learnt how to effectively keep our stress levels under control and stay optimistic, resilient and productive.

We’re now really excited to share our insights with you, to help you finally conquer your stress and move forward as the very best version of yourself!

Every day, for 21 days, we’ll give you an effective, stress busting strategy, from practising self-compassion and mindfulness, to exercise and getting into nature, plus much, much more, and then challenge you with a manageable but meaningful daily task.

Our challenge includes:

  • Lots of empowering information

  • Daily quizzes

  • Relaxing exercises

  • Daily resource sheets

  • A visualisation meditation

  • Our unique Thrive Senses 3-2-1 Personalised Action Plan, for lasting impact

All of this is offered in handy, bite-sized chunks that are designed to be powerful, engaging and motivating, helping you to achieve long-term stress reduction and really make the most out of life!

So don’t let stress hold you back. It’s time to take control and be the person you were always meant to be: relaxed, resilient and raring to go!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there any downloadable resources?

Yes. Each daily session comes with a downloadable resource document that summarises the key points of the session, outlines your task for the day and provides space to write notes.  Day 20 also comes with a meditation audio file.

When should I watch the daily video?

It usually works best if you choose the same time of day, every day, to watch the latest video, so that you can incorporate it into your regular routine.

How long is each video?

Our daily videos are all around 10 minutes long. They are designed to be informative, visually engaging and impactful, and are delivered in a concise, bite-sized format.

Do I have to do the quizzes to continue?

No. The quizzes are totally optional but we’d love you to give them a go! However, you will have to complete the quizzes if you wish to receive a certificate of completion from Udemy.

When do I do the tasks?

The tasks vary on a daily basis. Some can be done during the session, others involve taking some time after the session to complete, while a few require committing to an action in the following days.

Does the challenge involve writing tasks?

For many tasks, we ask you to write down your responses. Writing them down really helps to reinforce your commitment, so we do recommend it, but of course you may choose to simply think about your answers instead. Our aim is for this to be an engaging, rewarding, empowering experience for you. Therefore, we want you to make as much of it as you feel comfortable with, so that it feels enjoyable and manageable.

Does the challenge include physical tasks?

Some of our tasks involve mild physical activity, such as progressive muscle relaxation, while others involve higher level activity, such as physical exercise. Again, please use your judgement to adapt the tasks to make them personally suitable for you, so that you continue to enjoy the challenge.

Are the instructors qualified and experienced?

Yes. Please scroll down to read the instructor profiles. George and Sarah are both deeply passionate about helping others to overcome their obstacles to well-being, celebrate their strengths, develop healthy, positive mindsets and thrive! They are the owners of Thrive Senses LLP, offering individual, group and corporate well-being coaching and training, as well as well-being challenges, courses and retreats.

What you will learn

  • Understand what stress is and why it happens
  • Recognise the different types of stress
  • Identify the mental, physical, emotional and behavioural symptoms of stress
  • Master powerful techniques to calm yourself in stressful situations
  • Discover transformative ways to substantially reduce long-term stress
  • Learn how to build a resilient mindset
  • Develop positive self-talk
  • Challenge yourself with manageable but meaningful daily tasks
  • Experience the calming effects of our downloadable visualisation meditation
  • Create your personalised 3-2-1 Stress Reduction Action Plan, for lasting impact


  • There are no prerequisites to this course. Simply come with a readiness to learn, an open mind and a willingness to make a positive change in your life.
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