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Live your Best Life with Positive Psychology

Believe in yourself, become happier and calmer. Learn self-help tasks to make life a little easier and flow

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2344 students1 hours 45 minutes

Created by Dottie Maria Woods, offered on Udemy

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Dear Friends, I have included a daily video using a new 'key' word each day, to help you think about flourishing within your life, what is important to you and the reasons why.  Taking a few moments out for yourself each day armed with a notebook and pen, to scribble down your learnings and thoughts. Designing your life so that you may step into becoming your own best friend, treating yourself with respect and above all dignity. A few precious moments to listen to your inner voice, become calm and still.

Learning to love yourself is the first ripple into real authentic happiness and self acceptance.  In a world where everything is so face paced, you will have the opportunity to experience genuine empathy and caring support, as you find your own personal strengths, gain resilience and growth in quick bite-size positive psychology sessions.

Positive Psychology is deep and meaningful and enables people to look into their inner selves and acknowledges their weaknesses and celebrates their strengths without bias and enables us to challenge our perceptions. It is an integration of both sides of our personalities allowing personal freedom to being our authentic selves. Positive Psychology asks the question, ‘why do some people languish, and fail to thrive while others flourish becoming fully alive’? ‘Can we learn from those that flourish’? Take some time in each day so that you teach yourself to flourish - you are important.

It is not always succeeding but how we cope with failure, Positive Psychology asks ‘What’s right with your life’? By finding and acknowledging our strengths we can learn to thrive and flourish despite or because of challenging times. As our muscles become stronger via stressing through exercise, so can our skills of flourishing by using the tools of self-knowledge and positive psychology. B Siegel calls them ‘live messages’ that travel to our brains and throughout our bodies, we can look at challenging our inherent negative bias and look at focusing on our strengths.

Look within to reach out and become happier, it always starts with you.

What you will learn

  • A daily Positive Psychological Intervention to help you thrive and flourish in the moment. The videos are based around the South of England
  • Self-help, a daily intervention to calm and soothe and help you live your best life


  • A pen and notebook would be handy, in order to write down your thoughts and feelings. At the end of the course, you will hopefully have a memory of self-exploration to use in the future or to add too.
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  • 1 hours 45 minutes
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