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22 students4 hours 50 minutes

Created by Jane Cleary, offered on Udemy

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The title says it all - the equation is simple, yet it works! To have a satisfied mind it requires using your mind to focus on your own essential self.  This is the topic of Self Awareness which involves moving past your usual sense of yourself. How so?  By defining who you really are, i.e. are you an object or are you the subject?  Rarely does this distinction ever occur to anyone.  But it is imperative that this distinction not only be made, but it should also be abundantly clear.  Simply put, an object is always something that is seen and it is never yourself.  While this seems obvious, it is not so clear when it comes to looking at your body and your mind.  The common misconception is that your body and your mind are not objects but rather they are you, the subject.  But upon analysis, it is undeniable that both your body and your mind are objects which you can observe like any other object.  And you are the subject who can never be objectified. The subject is really who you are - your inner self.  Meditation on your inner self is utilized to hold and absorb this vision. You come away with a mind which remains steady and abiding despite whatever way your life takes you.  Looking forward to your participation!

What you will learn

  • What It Means To Have A Satisfied Mind
  • What Is Real Self-Awareness And How Does It Relate To A Satisfied Mind
  • How Meditation Plays a Critical Role In This Inquiry As It Retools The Mind In An Uplifting & Beneficial Way
  • How Such A Mind Can Be Maintained In An Ever-Changing And Unpredictable World
  • How This Knowledge Helps To Face Challenging Situations That Are Not Within One's Immediate Control
  • How And Why This Cognitive Shift In Thinking Actually Works


  • This Course Is Mind Expanding Using Logic, Analysis, Common Sense, Personal Experiences and Humor. Participants Should Be Prepared To Think Outside The Box
  • Participants Should Be Keen On Inner And Outer Mind Exploration Utilizing The Process of Inquiry - "Inquiring Minds Want to Know!"
  • The Approach To These Topics Is Knowledge Based And There Is A Spiritual Component To It.
  • Any Spiritual Background Can Be Helpful But More Importantly Open Mindedness Is A Must.
  • It Also Requires A Sense Of Adventure And A Keenness To Look Beyond What You Think You See.
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  • Price: $94.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 4 hours 50 minutes

bestcourses score: 5.2/10

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