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Barefoot Doctor's Way Strongo Qigongo

90 minute megablaster workout in five easy to follow and learn steps

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Created by Barefoot Doctor, offered on Udemy

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Imagine spending 90 minutes getting high and finding yourself twice as fit and healthy the next day….

When a Taoist wants to get superfit for summer the Taoist doesn’t sweat. The Taoist doesn’t strain. The Taoist doesn’t do anything to make a blood vessel bulge. A Taoist doesn’t get out of breath. A Taoist hardly raises a pulse rate. A Taoist doesn’t wear Lycra or go peddling in a slave galley or gym.

But how does a Taoist do that? You may ask.

How does a Taoist spend just 90 minutes getting really high, without expending any energy to talk of, enjoying each of the 90 minutes more than the one before, having great personal fun, in full communication mode with the playful loving, nature of the cosmic presence, feeling totally restored, then almost as if nothing happened aside from a resounding sensation of a big beautiful bird after a pleasant migratory flight with no headwind and a helpful tailwind all the way, soak after in a hot Epsom salt bath, and the very next day look and feel twice as toned and supple, agile and lithe as that Taoist did even just the day before?

The simple answer to that mystery is that Taoist does something we in the contemporary West call WAY-STRONGO QIGONGO.


a megablaster workout that makes you superfit superfast

But to call it that could be giving you the wrong impression. It could conjure up images of buff-muscled sweat-panted personal trainers shouting instructions at you over cheap techno on a nearly distorting bass-amplified Bluetooth cylindrical speaker through a Bluetooth feed off that personal trainer’s phone. It could take you back to physical education as they had the audacity to call it, and any residue of possible childhood competition trauma or confusion born of that, and make you nervous to the challenge.

In fact nothing could be further from the truth.

No sweatpants, no cheap techno, no shouting, no strain.

Yes that Taoist would concentrate and give full attention to proceedings, honoring each segment of each portion of each move like NASA honors a new galaxy they’ve just spotted. But that Taoist would be cooler than John Coltrane on a breezy summer evening .

And at the same time nothing could be closer to the truth. Because it is, in fact, exacting. It is in fact a challenge to relax that much while in the midst of concentrated movement. And it is in fact a challenge to allow yourself to enjoy something so much – so programed to suffer and struggle are we.

If you would really love to spruce yourself up and be fit, lean, lithe and slender like a superfly queen or king (you choose), and if you reckon you have the guts and you have the gumption, and if you reckon you’ll enjoy following along a super-clear set of videos just made in the heart of Olde England’s green, pleasant and increasingly xenophobic land, I issue you a challenge...

The challenge

And the challenge is this – and it doesn’t matter what experience of moving your body in time and space you have, it doesn’t matter what state you’re in provided you can move all four limbs in an upright position, it doesn’t matter how much of a blob you think you are, or how much of a superhero for that matter – the challenge is you

Do this WAY-STRONGO QIGONGO with me (online) – it takes five days, max, but you can do it all in one fat 90 minute go if you’re up to it – either way you get to do that after five days anyway – and you return afterwards twice as fit.

And to be fair to you and to honor the discipline the Taoist hailed from, that Taoist would also tell you the regular QIGONGO form is the way to keep it going and growing subsequently – likewise if you’ve been canny enough to have already taken QIGONGO as your own and are regularly practicing, giving yourself a blast of WAY-STRONGO QIGONGO will propel you quantum into such a profoundly altered state of fresh super-power for want of a less Hollywood expression you’ll hardly recognize yourself in the bathroom mirror.


WARNING & DISCLAIMER Way-Strongo Qigongo is a powerful form of exercise. Wait two hours after eating before practicing. Do not use this training while driving, cycling, operating heavy machinery, flying light aircraft, conducting serious business or political negotiations, or in dark alleys in dangerous sectors of large cities at night.

If you follow the instructions properly and go at your own pace and with your current state of energy, and don’t push it, this practice will benefit.

If you’re pregnant, or suffering from any potentially serious condition of the cardio-vascular, respiratory, musculo-skeletal, lymphatic, renal, hepatic neurological, or psychological systems, consult your physician, and/or if unsure whether you’re able to follow the instructions properly consult your physician, electrician, chiropodist, or anyone you like but no one connected with Barefoot Doctor Global including Barefoot Doctor, will be held liable.

What you will learn

  • At the end of the course you will have a 90 min qigong routine which will keep you super fit and be in a profoundly altered state


  • No prerequisites, except have the use of all your limbs
  • An ability to use a computer or smartphone and watch the training videos
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