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Create a complete 2D Platformer game with Godot engine

Learn how create a fun 2D Platformer game like Hollow Knight, Metroid dread or Celeste using Godot Engine!

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238 students10 hours 21 minutes

Created by Jean Vermeersch, offered on Udemy

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In this course you'll learn the basics of programming a complete 2D Platformer / Metroidvania game similar to Hollow Knight, Celeste, Metroid Dread, with lots of different mechanic like double jumping, using a sword to kill enemy and break various elements, breaking platform, final boss and way much more.

I will cover in this course everything you need to know about creating a 2D platformer / Metroidvania in the Godot Engine. This course covers all important (and often neglected) aspects of creating a platformer game in Godot including:

  • Game mechanics like player movement, collectibles, and basic combat with a Boss Fight

  • Creating a health system inspired by Zelda with a system of heart

  • Hazards like spikes and enemies

  • Adding mechanic like a sword to slash the enemy or break crates and looting coins

  • Scene structure and project organization

  • Sound effects & music

This list is not exhaustive - please see the course outline for a glimpse into what you're about to learn soon.

I have made that course for beginner looking to understand the key concept of programming as well as for programmer coming from different engine (like Unity or GameMaker) that want to create a lots of different key mechanic of a game that are rarely covered in Godot.

What you’ll learn

  • 2D platformer mechanics - double jumping, collectables, enemies, sword, boss fight,

  • Sounds effects, looting system, moving platform, doors and switches to change levels

  • Godot Engine Concepts - leveraging a variety of nodes, structuring scenes, signals, and more

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Some programming knowledge are a plus, but you can start from scratch, GDscript (the langage used in Godot) is one of the easiest language for game development

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner

  • Intermediate programmers

  • Intermediate game developers

  • Beginner game developers with programming experience

  • Individuals who are looking to push their project over the edge by adding lots of fun game mechanics

What you will learn

  • 2D platformer mechanics - double jumping, breaking plaftorm, sword, looting, collectables, and enemies
  • UI - Title Screen, Cutscenes, Zelda-like heart system, and other elements
  • More Mechanics: Adding switches and door, morphing ball, boss fight, hidden area
  • All the fundamentals of game development in GDScript


  • Having a computer (mac, pc or linux)
  • Basic programming knowledge is a plus, but I'll explain you on the go how things work so you mainly need just motivation!
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  • Language: English
  • 10 hours 21 minutes
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