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Create Action 2D Game With Video Ads In Unity

Ultimate Guide 2DGame Development& Advertisement In Unity

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13 students4 hours 19 minutes

Created by Paul Hadizad, offered on Udemy

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Learn how to create your very own 2D RPG game for mobile or PC using Unity2D, an industry-standard program used by many large gaming studios and indie developers across the world.

You won’t just be learning programming concepts in this course, but tying these concepts to real game development uses. You will have access to a course forum where you can discuss the topics covered in the course as well as the next steps to take once the course is complete.

This course has been designed to be easily understandable to everyone,we start from scrach,easy codes to hard codes and every code will be explained so whether you’re a complete beginner, an artist looking to expand your game development range or a programmer interested in understanding mobile game design, this course will help you gain a greater understanding of development.

At the end of this course you will have developed the ability to create such PC game elements as:

  • Creating the world

  • Make enemy

  • Make player units

  • Advertisment with unity with update 2021

  • Jumping

  • Making diffrent Enemies

  • Learning C# codes

Start learning today and let me help you become a mobile and PC game developer!

  • Understand how to earn revenue using advertising in their games

  • Learn C#, a modern versatile programming language

  • Understand the capabilities of mobile development in Unity

  • Develop strong and transferable problem solving skills

  • Gain an understanding of the game development process

  • Mac or PC capable of running Unity 2D

  • The latest version of Unity 2019 or 2020

  • Anyone who wants to make their own mobile and pc games

  • Anyone interested in learning to publish apps and games to the Play Store or stream

  • Complete beginners with an interest in learning mobile and PC game development

  • Developers who want to re-skill across to mobile development

  • People who want to create and publish their own mobile or PC games

What you will learn

  • Learn to paint your worlds with Unity TileMap
  • Master Beginner C# concepts including the singelton design Pattern
  • Develop a complete 2d Game from scratch using C# and Unity
  • Discover 2D animation workflows
  • Monetiesieren and implementing Ad system 2021


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  • Price: $24.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 4 hours 19 minutes
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bestcourses score: 3.7/10

There are most likely better courses available for this topic.