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Create 2D Unity Puzzle Games with Fungus - Zero Coding

Using Unity 3D & Fungus, we will create, jigsaw puzzles, Specific find games & a catch game all without write any code.

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Created by Paul McGrath, offered on Udemy

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This course is aimed at anyone who wants to make simple 2D puzzle games, but, who doesn’t know how to code.
Fungus is a free Unity 3D plugin that allows non coders (like me & a lot of you) access to some of Unity's core features.

If you have never used game development software, or if you have struggled with code trying to make games, Fungus and this course are exactly what you need.

Using a skeleton template supplied with the course we can build 

  • Drag & drop Jigsaw game: image pieces are scattered around the scene that need to be dragged and dropped into the right place.
  • Catch falling objects game: objects fall from a moving position off the top of the screen and the player has to move an on screen object to catch a set number of objects.
  • Specific pick game: the game asks the player to find a specific object on the screen till all the objects are found.

Just so we get off on the right foot, THIS IS NOT A RE-SKINNING COURSE

The template works perfectly, but you will need to adapt it by adding your own graphics and sound effects to make your own game. 

  • Sample graphics included: so you can build along with me before you make your own. 
  • The template is fully customisable: and that's what we do throughout the course we adapt each scene to make it your own.

More importantly you can

  1. Add a puzzle scene to any existing fungus game! Want to add a little jigsaw action to your narrative?
  2. Have your story character catch apples from a tree (or something similar) before they can progress further?
  3. Find objects in sequence before moving on to chapter two?

So not only can you make multiple puzzles with this course you can use it to add puzzles to your existing Fungus narrative games. Sounds good to me.

So whats keeping you? Make puzzle games & you get to improve you narrative games as well? who doesn't want this course.

What you will learn

  • Create 2D puzzle games and publish them to play online and mobile devices.
  • You will have a basic working knowledge of Unity 3d.
  • You will have a working knowledge of Fungus.
  • you will have Created a puzzle game, featuring jigsaws, a specific find game ( can you help me find a specific object on the screen?) and a catch falling objects game.
  • you will be able to publish your games in webGL & android devises.


  • You should have a Mac or PC capable of running the latest version of Unity 3D
  • The latest version of Unity 3D (I will talk you through downloading & Installing on the course)
  • The latest version of Fungus (a free plug for Unity, I will also talk you through downloading & Installing on the course)
  • I am supplying a full set of graphics for the course, but you may need graphic editing software if you want to create your own asset for the course. (photoshop, or gimp etc.)
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  • 7 hours 20 minutes
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