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Purify-Dynamize-Program your water for healing and manifestation

4.8 / 5.0
338 students3 hours 7 minutes

Created by Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing, offered on Udemy

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Water is life. We all can agree on this.

But do we really know water? Any honest scientist will tell you that water remains a mystery.

We are made of more than 80% of water. Water is everywhere.

Are you ready to dive into the magical and incredible world of water?

Have you always felt that there is more to water than what we think? Do you feel in your heart that we can heal with water?

In this really practical class, we will learn:

· The mysterious properties and behaviors of water

· How water absorbs and radiates energy

· What is the memory of water

· The difference between dead and alive water

· How our thoughts, emotions, words affect water

· How structured water influences our health

· How water is perceived by the Mystery Schools

· How to know your water, through different experiments and through energy testing

· How to purify your water with filters or DIY techniques

· How to dynamize your water with magnets, crystals, codes

· DNA codes to boost the vibration of your water

· What is copper water

· What is sun and moon water

· How to use tensor rings to structure water

· How to program water with crystals, symbols, magic words

· How to heal the waters of the world

· Radionic techniques to heal with water

· How to create your own blessed water

And much more…

Water is a portal to consciousness. It is a mirror. A reflection of who we are. By becoming more aware of what water is, and how it can become an ally in our life, we can embrace more of who we are.

We can heal.

We can shine our light.

We can pray.

Are you ready to bring more intention and more magic into your life?

Are you ready to honor this element and receive its blessing?

Are you ready to truly interact with one of the greatest teacher of our holographic reality?

Take a deep breath…

Close your eyes.

Listen to the water in your body.

And if you feel the alignment, join us.


Demian Haye

What you will learn

  • What are the incredible properties of water
  • How to purify your water
  • How to test energetically the quality of your water
  • how to structure and dynamize your water with many techniques
  • How to program water with your intention for healing or manifestation


  • No pre requisite. Everyone drinks water. Everyone will benefit from this class.
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  • Price: $94.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 3 hours 7 minutes

bestcourses score: 5.3/10

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