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Certified Guided Image Therapist & Practitioner| ACCREDITED

Guide clients on a meditational journey toward spirit, purpose, clarity, empowerment, relaxation & transformation!

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Created by Sufani Garza, offered on Udemy

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Guided Image Therapy is derived from Gestalt Psychotherapy. Not only can you listen to these video's for your own healing and removal of blocks, but if you are in the healing industry, have a current practice or starting a new one, you will be armed with a companion to help clients in addition to energy work, holistic healing, meditation, yoga, therapy, spiritual counseling, soul care therapy and all healing work in service of others.

I have itemized this therapy with several different aims at healing. All sessions are geared to helping heal physical, mental and emotional issues, help a client or yourself see internal blockages to healing, focus life goals, focus life purpose, expand life journey, feel confident and empowered.

This is a fast track course and a perfect addition to Alternative Healing Therapist Course for more intensified session work).

This is also intended for those seeking healing work, as the videos are there for Guided Image Therapy. The sessions themselves are THE healing work. The PDF's are for live client session therapy readings. The live sessions are meant for the healer to take them through the questions in person and the videos allow you as a healer to learn pace, tone and demeaner. All questions with in-session clients must be followed up with open ended questions (not listed here) to unpack and resolve issues, to discuss what came up with the client and move them forward in healing. This course relies on your ability to know how to communicate compassionately with your clients. This course assumes a baseline understanding of how to spiritually counsel, or speak compassionately and deduce client issues. leading them to self governance and wisdom. You are not however, required to ever have all the answers or heal them. They heal themselves through your oracle ship. The Alternative Healing Therapist course will elaborate more on how to conduct a Soul Care Session once Guided Image Therapy is complete. This course is the perfect intended companion to Alternative Healing Therapist Course and all other modalities.

All Courses Are Accredited Through International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)

What you will learn

  • What Is Guided Image Therapy?
  • Differences Between Guided Image Therapy & Guided Meditation?
  • How to Heal Mind, Body, Spirit?
  • How to Find Purpose, Set Goals, How to do Self-Reiki, Balance Chakras, How to Be Empowered, How to Remove Blocks?
  • How to Relax & Breathe?
  • Pace & Tone of Guided Image Therapy for Therapists & Healers
  • How to Add this Companion Service to an Existing Practice


  • Healing All Levels
  • Beginners OK but will require additional session work skills (Alternative Healing Therapist Course Recommended)
  • Healers All Levels
  • Healing Of All Kinds Welcome
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