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How To Make A Passive Income on Amazon KDP with Any Budget

Create a passive income publishing low content and high content books on Amazon KDP in 2022 with any budget you like!

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Created by Chris Raymont, offered on Udemy

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2021 is the PERFECT year to start creating your online income. With the pandemic ending more businesses than ever, now is the perfect time to get started generating sales and money online by creating simple low content books or high content books without doing the work yourself!

After grinding various ways of making money online, nothing ever stuck with me; affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, list building etc etc - until I started creating low cost books that sold like HOT CAKES on Amazon. And the great part was, I didn't even put money into the business...

I created my first paperback book back in October 2018, and that ONE book has made over $2500 of pure profit. Needless to say, I have many many more books on the Amazon marketplace making me sales every single day. And what's even better, is that I haven't worked on this business for 5 MONTHS, yet sales continue to flood in.

Now it's your turn.

I strongly believe that if I can make this type of profit, then you can too.

Inside this course you will learn EVERYTHING that I have done over the years, everything I've done to PERFECT selling books on Amazon. With a mixture of LOW CONTENT and high content books, you'll be able to see a steady income every single month.

What makes my course so unique, is that you won't have to guess where to start. There is no guess work here. From creating a publishing account to managing your books after they are live on the Amazon store, and everything in-between - I've got you covered.

What if I have not much to invest into this?  I've got you covered here. I started with nothing, literally $0, and inside the course I will share with you how you can do the same. If you have around $10, you can get started even quicker. If you have $100, you can blow the socks on this Amazon business in no time.

How much time does it take to run? Once you have books on the Amazon store, they will continue to make you royalties for years to come. How many books and how much you earn from this, is down to how much time and effort you put in. Expect to start seeing sales after a few weeks though.

How much writing/designing do I need to do? None, if you don't want to. In the course I show you how you can create your entire business without writing a single word or designing a single book cover (this will obviously take a little investment), but if you want to write the content yourself, I will show you how to do that too!

Inside the course, I don't waste time with things that won't make you money. Facebook ads, blogs, websites, weird traffic sources, paying for reviews - if it's not making me money, then I don't include it in the course. What you are getting inside the course, is a SUCCESSFUL blueprint to making money with Amazon publishing.

What are low content books? Is that all I will be selling? Low content books are books with little to no content, like sketchbooks, coloring books, journals, logbooks etc - these are super easy to make and can supplement your income nicely. But, I don't teach how to just make low content books, I share my endgame strategy for creating higher content high QUALITY books that stick in the marketplace for years and years.

I have generated over $60,000 of profit from what I teach in this course. My TOTAL outgoings are LESS THAN $400.

Let that sink in and decide if you want to get involved too.

What you will learn

  • Step by step how to create a passive income on Amazon KDP without doing any writing yourself
  • How to find SUPER HOT niches that bring in monthly income
  • How to get started with little to no budget
  • Advanced tips to double your income
  • Build a Amazon business with a mixture of low content and high content books
  • How to save money when outsourcing work


  • An open mind and some patience
  • Access to a computer with internet connection
  • Ideally a few dollars, but you can start with nothing
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