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Start A Profitable Freelance Writing Business In 5 Weeks

How To Earn Between £30 - £100/Hr As A Commercial Freelance Writer In Your Local Area, With Virtually ZERO Competition

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Created by Arfa Saira Iqbal, offered on Udemy

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Are you a good writer and want to earn some serious money?

Are you tired of writing articles that pay ridiculous rates? 

Are you fed up of entering writing competitions?

Do you feel as if your writing talents are being wasted?

Or do you simply want to switch careers and start working for yourself instead?

If so, then you too can start your very own freelance writing business in as little as 5 weeks!

If you’re sick and tired of writing for content mills and being paid mere pennies for your written work, then it’s time to switch gears and move from content writing to commercial freelancing for businesses.

Perfect for new writers looking for consistent paid work rather than taking chances on writing competitions and submitting articles online, 'Start a Profitable Freelance Writing Business In 5 Weeks' will help you establish yourself as a local business writer in as little as 5 weeks!

This course is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Switch careers

  • Earn extra money

  • Work for yourself

  • Build a flexible, lifestyle business

Here’s what you’ll discover in this practical course:

•The tools you need to get started as a commercial writer

•The fastest way to create your commercial portfolio

•How to create your own website which sells your services to the public

•How to approach local businesses with ease

•Why re-positioning yourself as an expert in marketing can earn you even more money

•Leverage other businesses and services to your advantage

•How to market yourself like a pro

•Use the power of hired help to explode your profitability

•Super easy ways to keep the money coming in consistently

•How to work out your worth and write for more money

•Organize yourself to be more productive

•Easily switch careers to earn more money than you ever thought possible

Aimed at beginners, this course gives you an easy introduction into the world of freelancing and includes detailed marketing advice to help keep your diary full for months! 

'Start A Profitable Freelance Writing Business in 5 Weeks' is NOT like a traditional course or book which simply gives you hundreds of pages of information and not much action to go through.

Start A Profitable Freelance Writing Business In 5 Weeks is a jam-packed powerhouse of actionable content you can complete in the comfort of your own home.

The course comprises of five high-energy modules designed to be completed weekly.

As a content writer or someone just starting out, you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to build your own profitable freelancing business from scratch.

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Module One: Foundations For Success

  • The keys to freelancing success – what you need to succeed

  • The exact things you need to build a cool website

  • Creating a business plan which works to help put more money in YOUR pocket

  • How to build your portfolio quickly and easily so you can hit the ground running

  • The absolute minimum requirements you need to start

  • How to leverage other businesses to effortlessly create your portfolio

  • The exact fees you can EASILY charge clients (and you’ll never see a tiny amount EVER again!)

  • How to maximise your earning potential by positioning yourself correctly

Module Two: Marketing And Advertising

  • Turn your website into a lead-generating machine

  • How to provide value to prospective clients so they feel at ease hiring you

  • How to market your business on a shoestring budget, saving you a ton of expensive mistakes!

  • How to build an offline presence so clients get to know you on a more personal level

  • Online Vs Offline – and how to make the best of both to maximise your conversions

  • The BEST places online to advertise to make more money

  • The one place you MUST avoid advertising or you’ll lose SERIOUS amounts of money (hint, you’ll have plenty of people telling you to advertise here!)

Module Three: Classic Client Acquisition

  • How to use social media effectively to make more money (and NO, it’s not going to cost you anything!)

  • How to make referral marketing work perfectly for you each and every time

  • Leveraging other businesses to put more money in YOUR pocket!

  • Why joint ventures can prove incredibly lucrative and make your life EASIER!

  • How to see BIG returns with direct mail

  • One of the best ways to establish yourself as an expert

  • How to use blogs to increase your visibility

  • How to use article marketing to bring in a solid income

Module Four: Advanced Client Acquisition

  • Easy ways to snap up the BEST clients

  • The secret strategy I use to QUICKLY and EASILY snag even the most resistant of clients – trust me when I tell you clients will be begging to work with you when you show them THIS!

  • Using Social Media to land clients in as little as an hour!

  • The best way to land multiple clients in just ONE day!

  • Forget cold calling, I’ll teach you warm calling!

  • Lead generation techniques which will catch clients for you long term

  • Why face-to-face is always better than using the phone

  • Prospecting the right way

  • The newspaper strategy that pulls in clients like a charm

  • EASY PEASY ways to grab more work than you can handle!

  • Why your local directory has all the answers

  • Advanced strategies you can use to pull high-profile clients

Module Five – Accelerating Your Income

  • Additional sources of income as a freelancer

  • Why a specialism will give you kudos… and MORE money!

  • Use this secret method to rake in as much as $2000 a DAY!

  • Practical pointers you need to run your business without a headache!

  • Learn how outsourcing effectively can make you even more money!

  • Add-on services that can dramatically boost your income

  • How to effortlessly move your business to the next level

  • Tax issues you should never ignore!

  • How to become the go-to person in your niche, so clients seek you out to work with!


  • All the scripts and templates

  • Private Facebook group

  • Additional training and resources in the Facebook group

  • Q&A calls in the Facebook group

This must-have course has been battle-tested by hundreds of writers who are now making good money from their skill set rather than relying on poorly paid work:

Truly an awesome course, Arfa. I came in with high expectations and left feeling completely satisfied. This is somewhat of a surprise, since it’s usually the opposite; I enrol on a course or something similar, brimming with excitement and halfway through I lose all enthusiasm for it, since it usually fizzles out and becomes intensely boring.

Your course was exciting and engaging throughout, and I’ll recommend anyone to go on it. In fact, get them to contact me if they want reassuring or convincing, because this course is pure gold, and no one should be missing out on the pure pearls of wisdom Arfa has to give them.’

Ben Palmer-Wilson, Copywriter

‘There are enough faked testimonials on the internet – this is certainly not one of those. It is very rare when a successful person will share all the information, and goes out of her way in explaining in her professional manner. Everything is laid out, and even those starting out will not fail, as all the technical issues are easily digested. I thoroughly recommend this course without any reservation.’

Mike Dakin, France

‘As an intermediate level writer, I came into the course expecting to pick up a few additional scraps of information but essentially expected little more than refresher of what I already know. What Arfa delivered was a clear and workable blueprint of a writing business that’s geared towards profit and some of the course members picked up clients paying preferential rates by the end of the first week. The course was perfect for newcomers and those already working to an intermediate level’

Paul Miceli, UK

‘Are you a writer? Do you have chops? Need to know how to make money with those chops? Contact Arfa and do it NOW. I’ve been writing for years in everything from copywriting to academia to novels. . . I have never encountered the goldmine of proven advice Arfa gives in her course. If you’re a commercial writer and don’t take advantage of this, have fun watching her students skyrocket to success while you’re still fumbling for cents on the word.’

Eric Nease, Canada

‘I went into the course looking for some guidance, that extra bit of information that would make me confident in moving forward with the growth of my freelance copywriting business. What I actually ended up getting from the course was a complete guide to building a freelance writing business from scratch.'

Jacob Daly, USA

‘I found the course to be extremely beneficial, as Arfa gives an amazing amount of information in a very short space of time. I found this course to be highly practical and hands on, enabling me to implement client attraction strategies pretty much straightaway. This feature alone sets the course apart from others. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to make serious money which does NOT involve writing hundreds of articles at silly rates!’

Asima Iqbal, UK

'If you're a writer, and SERIOUS about turning your talent into serious cash then you need to jump on this offer.

I've worked closely with Arfa for some time, and this girl knows the writing business inside out.

Her knowledge about client acquisition and marketing is second to none, and she'll show you how to earn REAL MONEY from writing, so if you're sick of writing for peanuts you want to take this course.

I'd be happy to recommend this course to anyone, because you're getting an amazing opportunity! I wish I'd had someone like Arfa watching my back when I got started years ago!'

Laurence Henry, Direct Response Internet Marketing Consultant/Copywriter

Freelancing is perfect for stay at home parents, for those seeking a career change, for online writers tired of the low pay and high volume of work and for those who love writing and want to make some real money out of it. 

If you can write well, you can freelance. It’s as simple as that. 

You can easily set your business up from the comfort of your home and work for local businesses in your city where you won’t be up against thousands of other writers. In fact, you will have virtually zero competition!

You can EASILY build a successful business weeks from now, even if you already have a job, and then quit when you’re ready to take the plunge.

Here’s to your writing success,

Arfa Saira Iqbal

What you will learn

  • Build a successful freelance writing career with clients in as little as 5 weeks. This course is perfect for those who want a new career from home or want to make more money on the side of a regular job. You'll be able to consistently charge between £30 and £100 per hour.


  • You need to be a competent writer with good grammar skills to become a serious freelance writer. You should also be someone who loves to sharpen their skills :)
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