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How to make an Ecommerce Chatbot for your Shopify Store

Go Live in 1hr & Increase your Sales! Get 75% Open Rates, Auto Upselling & Abandoned Cart Recovery and Increased Sales

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Created by Stefan Speaks, offered on Udemy

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Chatbots are quickly revolutionizing ecommerce as big brands are winning with bots:

  • Nitro Cafe: saw 20% increase in sales!
  • 1-800 Flowers: 70% of purchases came from new customers. 
  • Sephora: 11% increase for in store appointments!
  • Asos: saw a 300% increase in orders!

In the next 1hr you will learn what features are driving ecommerce growth via bots and  you will be given the tools so you can create a smart, ai-powered bot for your online store in the next 1hr! 

How are Brands Winning you ask? 75% Open Rates!

Consider the typical funnel, for every 100 site visitors, about 25 will give you their email (if you’re good) and when you email those 25, about 15% will open the email and then 5-10% will click on the links. In end, the average e-commerce website converts 1-3% of the traffic into sales. Messenger Marketing Chatbots can dramatically increase this number, here is how.

Imagine that we sent the 100 users to our Shopify Bot instead, what would happen? Well, all 100 would be in our Messenger channel and we would be able to message them at anytime. Right off the bat, we are able to contact everyone that interacted with out bot instead of just the 25% that gave us their information. What makes bots so powerful, is that users don’t have to sign up and give us their info. We get this automatically by virtue of users using out bot!

 … it gets even better

 Next, when we message our 100 users, typical open rates are 75% and click through rates as high as 50%. In the end, this results in conversation rate of over 3% on the low end!

We want to send as much of our traffic to our bot as possible. We can send Website traffic by implementing the Facebook Messenger Plugin to our site. This takes about 5 minutes to do. This is one of the keys to chatbot marketing. This is one of the ways big brands are winning with Bots!

Your bot will have many of the most popular features right out of the box and you'll be able to add it to your Shopify store in a few clicks. Here are some of the features your bot will have:

  • Showcase of your products: All of your shopify products will automatically be pulled from shopify right into your bot
  • Tracking: Users can ask your bot shipping related questions and the bot will be able to automatically answer your customers.
  • Customer Service: Answer customer's questions via the bot.
  • Unlimited Messaging: Send as many messages to your users as you want. 
  • Personalization: Automatically put users in segments based on what products they liked and market to them in a personalized manner.
  • Upselling: Bot will automatically upsell and cross sell.
  • Lead Generation: Bot will automatically generate leads.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Bot will automatically recover abandoned carts.

The best part is that many of these features will also be sent by email thereby making your bot even more effective!

In this course we will be using 2 Free Tools to accomplish the task at hand:

  1. Chatfuel: Chatfuel is the most popular bot building tool on the market today. It is feature rich technology that will make it easy for us to create flows, sales funnels, send messages, segment our audiences and much more.
  2. GoBeyond Ai: GoBeyond is the only app that can connect Chatfuel to Shopify. GoBeyond pulls all your products from Shopify automatically and lets both Chatfuel and Shopify talk. GoBeyond also has a powerful NLP engine in the background that does a lot of the automated features such as Upselling, Downselling, Abandoned Cart Recovery and much more.

What you will learn

  • Set up their own Smart, Ai-Powered, Chatbot for their Stores
  • Increase their Store's revenues
  • Learn how to use Chatfuel & GoBeyond


  • You Should have a Shopify Store
  • Sign up for Chatfuel (Free)
  • Download GoBeyond App on Shopify (Free)
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