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Procreate 5X Pattern Brushes to Make and Sell

Create unique texture pattern brushes as creative assets for use in Procreate 5 and for sale online

4.7 / 5.0
102 students1 hours 52 minutes

Created by Helen Bradley, offered on Udemy

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From the moment I first saw the iPad I wanted one so I could draw anywhere. Unlike a laptop my iPad fits in my hand and I can literally take it anywhere and draw anytime. I played with literally dozens of drawing apps before I found Procreate and I instantly recognized its power and potential - as did hundreds of thousands of other users! Procreate is a wonderful app for drawing and painting. A secondary market has developed around Procreate where designers make Procreate brushes to sell to other users. And that, dear friend, is what this course is all about.

What is this course about?

This course teaches you to make Procreate texture brushes that paint seamless repeating patterns. Basically any illustrative element can be made into a repeating pattern and then into one or more Procreate brushes. We'll make simple designs as a single brush, and turn more complex designs into multiple brushes that stack on top of each other to paint multi-color designs. How to do this is what you will learn here.

How good at drawing do I have to be?

Lucky for you, it really doesn’t matter if you can draw or not. You can make these brushes from circles and squares and simple designs that anyone can make. And if you can draw well, then that works too and you can create more artistically complex brushes. If you search online you will find designers offer for sale both very simple designs as well as more complex ones.

Who is this class for?

If you love to drawing and sketching and you want to make product to sell, this course is a great starting point. In it you will learn all the skills you need to create a range of different brushes ready for sale using just your iPad and Procreate 5X. There's nothing more that you need.

How will you learn?

This course is taught step by step. I'll explain everything as we go along so you know why you're doing things and not just what to do.

If there are 'tricky bits' or places where things might go wrong, I'll show them to you so, if they happen to you, you'll know what to do.

If you follow along with the course, you will design 4 single pattern brushes, and 2 sets of layered texture brushes all ready for sale.

Who is teaching this course?

I'm Helen Bradley and I am your teacher. I've love to draw and design and I like nothing more than to teach others to do the same using the most popular illustration software. I've taught hundreds of thousands of designers and artists to use Procreate, Illustrator, and Photoshop. I don't fluff about and I'm 100% focused on helping you to learn Procreate in a practical and smart way. I am committed to explaining everything to you so you know the 'why' as well as the 'how' of any process.

I have a huge commitment to your learning – I answer all student questions and I will often add extra videos to a course to answer questions that one student might have and that I think others might benefit from too.

How will I learn?

Video content makes up 100% of this course. As you watch, I show you how each pattern and brush is made, and I'll explain what I am doing and why. And you can follow along as you watch and make the designs and the brushes yourself.

Join me...

I hope you will join me in this Procreate 5X class. I look forward to meeting you and I invite you to contact me if you have any questions as you work through the lectures.



What you will learn

  • Make a range of brushes that paint seamless repeating texture patterns in Procreate 5X
  • Create seamless repeating patterns from your designs
  • Create layered brushes that build up to make multi-color designs
  • Know handy tips and techniques for working in Procreate 5X
  • Draw basic illustrations in Procreate 5X
  • Create professional digital assets for sale
  • Work more confidently in Procreate 5X
  • Turn seamless repeating patterns into Procreate 5X Brushes
  • Know Procreate illustration techniques for every day use
  • Create Procreate 5 texture brushes suitable for sale online
  • Create polka dot, gingham, stars and overlapping circles patterns
  • Create, export, and import custom Procreate brushes
  • Reinforce everything you learn with practical exercises


  • You will need an iPad and (optionally) an Apple Pencil
  • You should have Procreate 5X (from the App store), installed on your iPad.
  • Some basic familiarity with the iPad is recommended
  • The process for creating every pattern brush is fully explained and practical exercises are included.
  • This course is beginner friendly
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  • Price: $19.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 1 hours 52 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.2/10

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