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Ansys Fluent Class#1

Space Claim Core Skill, Meshing Core Skill, Ansys Fluent Overview and Workshop-Air Manifold

3.7 / 5.0
53 students3 hours 52 minutes

Created by Erkan Selimoglu, offered on Udemy

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This course is a perfect fusion of CFD theory and software exposure. This course explicitly focuses on Space Claim (Core Skill),Meshing (Core Skill) and CFD process using simulation tools Ansys Fluent. 

  • Chapter 1=Students will learn how to launch the Space Claim ,importing geometry, Exploring/familiarize the Ribbon Toolbars,Structural Tree and use the main tools such as Pull,Move,Fill and Combine

    What is   the space claim       

    Launching   Space Claim       

    Space Claim   Interface       


    Mouse and View   Controls       

    Working with   ASSY       

    Share Topology       

    Working with   Layers       


    Space Claim   Main Tools       





  • Chapter 2= Student will learn how to launching mesh, using mesh method,creating named selection,Inflation,on overview of the interface,section planes, Mesh Metric

    Module   01: Core Skills      

    What is Ansys   Meshing       

    Meshing   Fundamental       

    Launching   Meshing       Grafic User   Interface       

    Geometry   Configuration       



    Contact Region       

    Interfaces   Zone       

    by Body   Connection       

    Name Selection       

    Secton Planes       


    Global Meshing       

    Local Meshing     

    Mesh Metrics   &Statistics     



    Color by   


    Target Limit   

  • Chapter 3= Learning basic steps for CFD Analsys with Ansys Fluent, Launching Ansys Fluent, Fluent Graphic User Interface, using the Ribbons to guide the workflow of the Fluent session, showing the main tabs such as Setting Up domain, check mesh quality, display.

    −Chapter  01: Overview of the CFD Process       


    What is CFD       

    How does CFD   Work       


    Define Your   Modeling Goal       

    Identify the   Domain You will Model       

    Create a Solid   Model of the Domain       

    Design and   Create a Mesh       

    Set-up the   Solver       

    Compute the   Solution       

    Examine the   Result       

    Consider   Revisions to the Model       

    −Chapter  02: Setting Up Domain       


    Graphical User   


    Demo 1: Pipe   

  • Ansys   Fluent    Workshop- Flow Distribution=Air Monifold

What you will learn

  • They will learn how to analyze and simulate the engineering models


  • Basic Engineering Knowledge with powerful computer
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