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Get Sexy! Learn Luscious Lap Dance

A beginner's guide to lap dancing

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967 students 40 minutes

Created by kimberly smith, offered on Udemy

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Our kick ass, funny, and educational online videos will help you to feel more confident in your body and gain a better understanding of how to turn on your partner through touch, sight and sound. In Lap Dance Level 1, you will learn to give a super sexy, oozy, delicious lap dance to your partner.

Learn Everything You Need to Perform a Jaw-Dropping Lap Dance Using Sultry StripXpertease Dance Moves.

  • Learn how to position your partner
  • Pick out the best chair
  • Seduce through movement
  • Master your facial expressions

Master the art of seduction through movement.

Women need to feel comfortable and powerful in their bodies and sexuality.  The StripXpertease moves in the class  are simple yet effective to connect you to your inner diva.  And unlike Pole classes, this movement directly connects you to your partner. One on one, body to body. These moves come directly form the strip club, combining my knowledge from working as an exotic dancer for ten years and then teaching for 12 years 

This class is perfect for adult beginners of any fitness level and any body type. You don't need any dance experience and two left feet can learn dance too! You don't need a partner to learn these moves but it dos help to have a "body" to practice on. But with online lessons, you never worry about parking, weather or a sitter for the kids.  Using the StripXpertease method of lap dance I will cover what to do with your hands, and how to position his body on the chair from his feet to his torso.  The perfect chair to use in your lap dance also discussed. Each move is broken down step by step in X different videos. I have also included 2 full run-throughs so that you can see how to put it all together. If you want to woo your partner or just feel more in touch with our body and sexuality then this is the perfect lesson for you.

So what are you waiting for? Close the door and put on your heels. No one will know what we do Behind Closed Doors..

What you will learn

  • Give a super sexy oozy delicious lap dance to their partner.
  • Feel more confident in their body.
  • Have a better understanding of how to turn on their partner through touch, sight and sound.


  • You will need comfortable clothes that allow for movement, high heels (higher the better), a backed chair (arm chair not bar stool).
  • It will help if you have a partner or good friend to practice on, but it isn't necessary
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