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100 BACHATA STEPS IN YOUR POCKET-Beginner to Advanced (2022)

BACHATA from A to Z. Learn how to TRULY Dance Your Way to FUN & EXCITEMENT. From Beginner to Advanced (+2 Ebook offered)

4.6 / 5.0
274 students12 hours 57 minutes

Created by Mohamed Aissa, offered on Udemy

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★★★★★ THE Complete Bachata course =100 Bachata Steps in HD video to SHINE LIKE A STAR on the dancefloor  ★★★★★

  • Bonus 1 : 28 days of happiness in dance (182 pages)

  • Bonus 2 : The science of being a rich dancer (8 pages)

  • You will find the 2 pdf in the first workshop in the section "resources" :).

This program is the result of the last 10 years on the dancefloor attending more than 30 international bachata congresses.

That method worked for me and the 500 students I have trained offline and online.

We teach in 54 countries !

★★★★★ What our students think.. ★★★★★

"You cannot go wrong with these instructors. They are skilled dancers providing clear explanation of the moves and focus on the technique as well as bringing joy to your dancing. Highly recommended!" Veronika Matuskova ★★★★★

"Mohamed is a wonderful dancer and teacher. I can highly recommend his lessons. I really like his dance style and personal attitude to students :) we miss you in Brno, Hana" -Hana Polackova ★★★★★

"Great course for beginner , also allowing you to get to a great and better level of bachata step by step, you will like it!" - Stéphane G. ★★★★★

"Really enjoying this course with my wife during Lockdown 2.0. Thanks Mohamed and Petra!" -Ryan Eaton ★★★★★

"I had the chance to have live bachata lessons with Mohamed. He is a wonderful teacher, driven by his passion for dancing and for humans. You will have fun watching this course !" - Elena Popescu ★★★★★

"Great idea and so well done! Thanks for teachers like you who can share this amazing dance even online with professional videos, that's amazing! " - Lucie Novotna ★★★★★

"Great content as usual - experience and creativity shines through and you can see their enthusiasm. Bravo!" - Jason Iredale

"I love it! This training brought me back great memories and really motivates me to get better at dancing bachata! It is simple to follow and full of great steps! I recommend it! :) " - Chris ★★★★★

"Very complete lessons! Thanks a lot Mohamed!!" - Gabrielle Barthez ★★★★★

"Wooow, it was really amazing , above the expectations, logical and taught with great energy and positive flow. Thank you  " -Lenka Manciu

"Thank you for this course. I was searching for bachata course for long time, than I found this basic and it is rigth the course I needed." -Lukáš Šleboda ★★★★★

"Great course for starting with Bachata. Interesting and animated moves with follow through explanations at a good pace." - Rares G.★★★★★

"This was a great course. I didn’t know a thing about bachata before. They explained everything very well. I’d recommend this to everyone."

-MaryLee Dalley ★★★★★

"The course was very well put together. We had a lot of fun taking this course"-Alex Salajan ★★★★★

"I love the charming energy which emenates from both teachers. There is a clear perception of their great mastery, and very important too, they irradiate goodness and dedication. The courses are really easy to reproduce and to use, which was what I needed in order to enrich my répertoire on the dancefloor." - Yvain Guerrero ★★★★★

"This course has helped me to strengthen my basics, taught creative intermediate combination. And also went ahead exploring advanced steps. I'm ready to impress and express and set fire on my social bachata nights. The most complete bachata course in Udemy. Thank you Mohamed and Petra." -Allan Beurot ★★★★★

"I have started with several of these courses and I found a good way to learn at home with my gf. New steps very well explained!"-Raul Andrade Martin ★★★★★

"Very inspiring for both beginners and advanced dancers" - Magda Le Folgoc ★★★★★

This is Mohamed. I am super happy to share my Bachata passion with you and help you get your personal results.

"Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order." - Samuel Beckett.

This course will help you to learn Bachata from 0 to advanced and shine on the dancefloor !

Learn BACHATA in one program and Dance Your Way to Fun & Excitement


Imagine what your life would be like after you know how to dance bachata? Can you see yourself dancing bachata as you dream it? Would that make your life better for you? Give it a try.

The most important is not that you learn how to do dance. The most exciting is to feel who you become when you dance...

Maybe you are a girl and you have grown with some Walt Disney pictures in your mind. Dreaming about being invited by a charming gentleman for a dance...This prince invites you for a dance...and that is real do you feel the energy?

Maybe you are a boy and dancing is your way to make a difference. You are not anyone. What do you think about standing out ? 97% of the men in the planet do not know how to dance...imagine your value added ! how do you feel this empowerment?

New kind of holidays

Have you ever watched a bachata clip with dancers on a beach by sunset? This could be you. Music is playing from your smartphone. People around are watching you. You feel and enjoy the present moment. You are the happiest person with your partner at this moment. Welcome to bachata…
Ps: i experience it in Benidorm in Spain in 2017 with my girl friend. I took her by a sunset, to the beach and we improvised a bachata dance. And we danced like nobody's watching us. Total freedom. People remarked us and enjoy watching us dancing. A pure life memory still in my head...

Feeling good even working

Imagine a usual day at work. You’re smiling. Your colleagues are asking you why you are feeling so good? And you answer: “Right after work I’m going to attend a Bachata class and then go to a Latin party. What about you?”. “Well, I am going to chill on Netflix, the routine…”. Voilà, there is nothing else left to say. Sometimes during your work week, just even getting the thought of dancing can make you feel good.

New mornings

Imagine that the day after a great party, you wake up with a great sensation of feeling good. You still have the great Latino vibes of yesterday’s night in your mind and you just need one thing: to share it with your loved ones, family, friends…

Have a break, listen to bachata

Every time you have a break you listen to some bachata music and discover that you have some favorite ones. The type of music that turns a bad day into a good one.

A dancing therapy

We all have concerns, issues, problems. But, once you start dancing bachata at home or at a party, all the problems are going away. You just think about enjoying the good vibes the dance & music provide you.

2-The Problem is that it is often difficult... It happens to everyone :)

  • You think you are not made to be a dancer.

  • You lack of self confidence.

  • You think you cannot have a flexible body to move.
    You have the fear to be ridiculous.

  • You think it will be a long process.
    You repeat steps and you tend to forget.

  • The first results come fast and then...desert.

  • You compare yourself with the dancers around you.

  • You have fear to dance on public.

  • You have a busy schedule.

  • "They" progress faster than you...


This is not your fault.

Nobody has already provided you the 'guide" to dance Bachata and be a dancer with the right mindset when you start.

You love dancing and you would love to invest in yourself?

So, go on reading the next section :)

3- Would you love to...

  • Get a step by step guide?

  • Receive your dance strategy , a method ...

  • Practice WITH us slowly?

  • Get a training to be a good beginner dancer but not perfect to the intermediate and advanced level?

  • Get a guide to use your mistakes as a booster more than a block? Yeah you will laugh at your mistakes and we tell you why in a special workshop.

  • Get a Method to improve your long term step memory ?

  • Just compare your ex "yourself" before starting and the yourself you proudly become? Yea, without thinking about others anymore...

  • Get a complete program which prepares you to feel excited to your first social dances in public even with the "good stress" the one encouraging you ?

  • Get a program you can follow at your own rhythm?

That's possible !

That's why we created  this beautiful course which gives you...results!

  • Learn to dance Bachata even if you've never dancing before.

  • We broke down all of the basics and foundations in a step by step beginner program that will show you exactly how and what to do.

  • This course will teach you the basics of Bachata and get you dancing in just a few days to...the most creative intermediate and advanced combinations!

  • Discover our proven method for learning Bachata

SECRET TIPS :Generally the teachers of dancing don't have time to go into this kind of detail in group classes. So get ready
to learn tips you won't hear anywhere else.

4-Learn from home with us on your OWN Schedule.

  • This program will coach you step by step to be ready for your first social dancing. The step by step method prepares you to learn steps and also feel good along the learning process. The advices will prepare you to be comfortable on the dancefloor and out of the dancefloor.

  • This program is the result of the last 10 years on the dancefloor attending more than 30 international bachata congresses. That method worked for me and the 500 students I have trained offline and online. They’re dancers from all around the world and most of them admit that now Bachata “makes [you] feel alive”. It is yours...

You will learn the science of leading & following in bachata in less than 1 month!

5- What would be your social dance experience if...

  • You learnt cool moves from a variety of bachata styles?

  • You learnt how to interpret the steps you are learning?

  • You combined these steps with a specific emotion?

  • The girl learnt how to follow a new urban bachata step?

  • The boy learnt how to lead this new urban bachata step?

  • Behind the step, there is a story: the story to "set the fire on dance floor"?

  • Both of the dancers, boy & girl, shared this story together

  • It increased the level of connection...?

  • She remembered you...?

  • He remembered you...?

  • The people around remembered you...?

  • They were watching you...?

  • 6-The result is...

  • Bring some new cool moves & a story on a dance floor with you.

  • You are not just a dancer, you are an experience maker!

7-OUR Method of Teaching :

For each class, we teach:

  1. How to lead for the boy?

  2. How to follow for the girl?

  3. When to add the emotional part ?

Ps! No choreography, only lead & follow via signal !

8-The Method of Learning

  1. Take a partner

  2. Watch us!

  3. Get your role as a leader or follower!

  4. Do it with us without music!

  5. Do it with us with music adding technique & emotional part.

  6. Do it alone personally to make it before the party.

  7. Make it during the party & Enjoy...

9-Structure of each class

  1. We introduce you the course.

  2. We do the course with you

  3. We provide you some extra bachata tips at the end of each class.

SO, Get Excited ... !

With Petra, we are passionate dancers & teachers.

We are very happy to support your rise.

"Petra is a fantastic person and that's why she is a fantastic dancer. She is in passion for latin dancing and i admire the way she cares & shares with our students. Her smile, positive attitude and also her detail orientation makes her be a wonderful social dancer & teacher partner. She is teaching Bachata, Salsa, Kizomba and continues growing as a learner who learns forever across many congresses & Latin events in Europe. We teach in physical presence & online in dance studio and we love seeing our students growing in dance. And also, in their private lives thanks to dancing bachata. Now it's your turn..." -Mohamed.

" I know Mohamed for a few years.. I've met him for the first time as an amazing dancer. When I became his dance partner at his bachata classes I realized he is also a great dance teacher... Mohamed is sharing with his students not just a dance technique, but also his passion for dance and a good mindset. He makes a lot for his dance community in general. The social aspect of dancing is very important for him... He is organizing parties, playing music for dancers there, organizing conferences with topic interesting for all dancers, organizing informal meetings of dance friends etc. etc. Meeting Mohamed is always a pleasure for me.. It's always great to experience the positive vibes of this French gentleman " - Petra

SO, Get Excited ... !

And we will be waiting for you and your partner with Petra.

★★★★★ We suggest you to enroll now because the price could go higher anytime...★★★★★

-Mohamed & Petra

PS : What our students say about our Online Bachata Classes :

  • "​You are a fantastic teacher. Very patient and kind! " Kneox26 (USA) ★★★★★

  • 'Hi Mohamed, I like the kindness that shines from you and the global philosophy/attitude when dancing with your partner. Please continue making videos like this one , the pace is good for learners like me , not too fast / not too slow. You also provide many subtle advises that worth gold ! I have no doubt your channel will be a success with time , perseverance is key ;-)​Your dance partner also rocks, you together makes an excellent combination ! '' -Jim (New Zealand) ★★★★★

  • « The training is really good. There is the part how to dance & the mindset what is also important for me” -Mimi (France) ★★★★★

  • « I really like it. We dance at home plugging the classes in our TV. The lessons are very accessible for us beginner and we are progressing faster than we thought because it is well explained what we need to do: follower, leader of the dance. I really love the special library of 100 bachata music. It goes beyond dancing, it is an overall experience. It makes feel us good with my wife” – Robertas & Marija (Lithuania). ★★★★★

NB: If you have a question during the course, feel free to write me at or simply here in the Udemy message center. Generally i answer within the next 24h.

NB: do not forget to leave your appreciation & feedback here in Udemy! Why? Because it will make the world dance more with fun, love & excitement ! With a review of 5 stars, Udemy will promote the course to more people. You will make the people start dancing bachata. This our beautiful mission !

What you will learn

  • ️Lead or Follow creative combinations.
  • You will be ready to attend a latin party and dance in public
  • Diversify your dance by including fusion, dominican, modern & sensual bachata
  • Learn how to dance Bachata in couple & enjoy your dance at home or in public
  • Learn how to lead & how to follow beautiful steps
  • Learn the codes of connecting with your partner
  • Bachata workshops: combination, style, connection.
  • Tell stories on the dance floor : go beyond steps.


  • Zero previous Bachata experience necessary - you'll learn to dance bachata in couple & launch yourself in your first latin party !
  • You will need 20min per day & Internet connection
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