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Active Listening: You Can Be a Great Listener

Improve your reactive habits, define your listening mindset, amplify your curiosity, & add value as a great listener

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Created by Lauren Powers, offered on Udemy

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Most of us want to get better at talking. But the REAL power tool for influencing others, leading, collaborating, having an impact, and being an an-all-around-better person is Active Listening. While regular listening can look like being blank and silent, Active Listening is engaged, creative, and responsive.

In this course, you will gain both the internal awareness and external skill-set that are the foundation of Active Listening. You will be able to have far more satisfying, interesting, successful conversations.

I created this practical  Udemy course for you--filled with my unique insights from starting out as a terrible listener to now being a professional listener, a Master Certified Coach. I’ve been teaching people how to listen actively for twenty years now and these skills are both learnable and priceless. My course is packed with real-world examples that demystify and simplify what to pay attention to so you can be a great listener.

Good News!

  • You can interrupt!

  • You can have short (not drawn-out & boring) conversations!

  • You do not have to provide answers or fixes or expertise!

  • You don’t have to even like your conversation partner!

Selfishly, I have found that being a great Active Listener makes other people more interesting. We’ll all be more fascinated with each other if we have more great listeners in the world.

Come join in the fun!

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Learning Objectives

  1. Define active listening.

  2. Distinguish between Level 1 and Level 2 listening.

  3. Describe the mindset behind active listening.

  4. Explain behaviors that lead to active listening.

  5. Recognize non-verbal cues that provide additional information when communicating.

  6. Describe the importance of reflecting back and ways to do so.

  7. Identify 5 Powerful Questions for deeper listening.

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What you will learn

  • Identify & overcome common habits of reacting (that are not really listening!)
  • Shift attention from your own thoughts over to the speaker (for that’s what the speaker cares about!)
  • Develop, & practice, observing the speaker’s words and energy (as they are communicating so much!)
  • Use simple “starter” phrases to reflect back (because then the speaker trusts you really are listening)
  • Improve your ability to notice a speaker’s emotions (so they feel you “get it” and understand them)
  • Unleash your natural curiosity with powerful questions (that expand clarity, value, and connection)


  • Wanting to become a great listener is all that’s needed
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