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The Complete Life After University Graduation Masterclass

Master Your Mind, Life, and Career after Achieving that Degree!

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858 students1 hours 59 minutes

Created by Aonushka Aeron, offered on Udemy

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Did you know 87% of university graduates have no clue what's wrong in their plan for life after graduation or how to fix it?

  • If graduates do have a plan for success - they struggle to stay motivated to accomplish it

  • If they have a great job - the work does not feel rewarding or meaningful

  • If 20-somethings have a successful strategy in place - they are overwhelmed by that of everyone else's

  • If they seem to have everything - they still feel lost and directionless

  • If they have all the pieces right IN the plan - it is impossible to balance everything without getting burnt out

Graduation is one of the biggest transitions in one’s life, you are out of directed education and school for the FIRST time in one's entire life. Is there a secret guide to a successful life that only a select few seem to have gotten?

The Complete Life After University Graduation Masterclass is a crash course which brings together concepts, theories, frameworks, and models to help graduates design their unique blueprint for a well-rounded successful life. The central theme of the course is to help you discover a path unique to you for a well-rounded meaningful life filled with joy, fun, fulfillment, health, meaningful work, and get clearer on the vision of what that looks like for you.

Here are a few core key concepts discussed in the course:

  • Understanding and navigating through post-graduation Quarter Life Crisis

  • Building a daily routine and schedule that makes you more productive

  • Creating a personal definition of success

  • Stepping out of a fixed mindset and into the Growth Mindset

  • A guide to designing your own dreams from scratch

  • Resume tips, techniques, and hacks for graduates

  • Time Management Hacks for balanced work-life

We are driven by the mission of building success instead of leaving it to chance.

If this sounds like you, join the course now to learn about how to create a successful life after graduation!

What you will learn

  • Building a Successful Career after Graduating from College
  • Overcoming Quarter Life and Midlife crisis
  • Adapting a Growth Mindset to Become Permanently Successful
  • Time Management and Productive Scheduling Techniques
  • Discover and Define Personal Values and Find Purpose of Life
  • Designing your dream life after college graduation


  • No experience, degree, or prior courses needed. Everything will be taught during the course.
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  • Language: English
  • 1 hours 59 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.9/10

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