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The Complete Guide To Becoming A Babysitter

Learn how to get started enriching the lives of kids and parents and yourself by being GREAT at babysitting.

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399 students2 hours 50 minutes

Created by Jeffrey Kelly, offered on Udemy

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A great way to start making money as a teenager is to become a babysitter. Sitters get to work with kids, choose their own schedule, build work experience, and contribute to the lives of the parents and children they work for.

This course will help you get started as a babysitter. You'll learn everything you need to know to get started, dive in to how to advertise and get jobs, set you up to work with parents and kids effectively, and prepare you to be a safe sitter.

Get Started Quickly And Dive Deeper When You're Ready

The course starts with a Jump Start which gives you a brief overview of everything you need to know to get started as a babysitter and land your first job. 

  • What does a babysitter do
  • Minimum age and requirements
  • Getting support from your parents
  • Finding training
  • Basic advertising tips and tricks
  • Setting your price
  • Getting your first job
  • Being an amazing babysitter

Then the course dives deep in to the various areas that allow you to make great money by making kids and parents really happy. Topics such as:

  • Marketing and advertising
  • Interviewing for Jobs
  • Working with parents and kids
  • Preparing for a Job
  • Wowing the kids and parents
  • Handling multiple children
  • Safety and emergencies

At the end of this course you will be a stand-out baby sitter making great money. You will feel confident and ready to take on the adventure of babysitting.

What Are The Requirements?

  • A desire to become a babysitter
  • A notebook and pen to capture your ideas
  • Optionally, a printer and paper so that you can print the worksheets and resources

Let's Get Started!

Babysitting is fun and rewarding and a great way to make money. Let's work together to get you started.

What you will learn

  • Know exactly what to do to get started as a babysitter
  • Know how to find local babysitter training
  • Know how to ask your parents for support
  • Be ready for your first phone call from a parent
  • Know how to advertise yourself as a babysitter


  • You should be familiar with what babysitting is and you should be interested in earning money as a babysitter.
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  • 2 hours 50 minutes
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