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Resume & Interview Master Class: Change Your Life Forever!

Get the job you: Look forward to each day ★ Feel good about ★ Want to tell your friends about ★ Know it fits you!

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109 students2 hours 31 minutes

Created by Dr. Lawrence Pfaff, offered on Udemy

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In this course you will learn how to get a job:

       - You can look forward to every day! 

       - Where you feel competent, successful and growing. 

       - You want to tell your friends about!

       - That "Fits" you!

Your career is more important than just teaching you tips, tricks or hacks. You need to do it right! 

You spend more time at work than any other single area in your life, don't spend all that time doing something you don't like or enjoy.

What Udemy reviewers are saying about this course:

"Over the years I have taken many wonderful courses on Udemy. This course stood out, in particular, and I felt compelled to write a review. The course instructor was crystal clear, and provided examples which effectively illustrated best ways to convey relevant work experience in a most impactful and concise manner..." E.R.

"More than a mere lecture, this course incorporates exercises, resources, and templates, which enhance the learning experience, better enabling practical application to the concepts taught within this class. Dr. Lawrence Pfaff's expertise is accompanied by clear and concise instruction and advisement. I recommend this course, as I am grateful for the knowledge this course imparted onto me." A.D.

"Great course! Dr. Pfaff's career experience, coaching, and consulting work combined to give you usable ready to implement lessons and strategy." K.D.

"I really enjoyed the layout of this course. It was straight to the point and very helpful for me to get clear on my assets that are imperative to finding and having a successful career. I would definitely recommend this course." A.R.

Why this course?

Dr. Pfaff has been doing career coaching for 40+ years (before it was called coaching) and has personally worked with 1,000s of individuals from executives to entry level employees. He has a doctorate in Psychology, is a licensed therapist, has been a full time professor of business and psychology, dean, program director and a hiring consultant to hundreds of major corporations. He has published five psychological tests that are used by businesses. He owns a website that supplies businesses with job interview questions. He is an expert in career change at all levels; from new graduate to seasoned executive. He is a life-long educator, coach and leader.  So why trust the largest part of your life, your job, to anyone but the best? Learn from the best, an expert, someone who has spent a lifetime helping people get the job they deserve.

This course will  help you:

- Determine what you need in a job so that you can feel satisfied, productive and successful at work!

- Learn THE most effective way to change professions/fields.

- Create a unique evidence-based, adaptable resume for each job that highlights your assets to match employer needs.

- Learn the 4 step process to creating your resume.

- Understand how you, your resume/CV, and the interview all fit together as a cohesive unit.

- Learn the 4 keys to effective interviewing including video interviews guidelines.

- Take an "evidence-based" approach to the entire job search/change process.

- Find a job you can look forward to each day, more than just a paycheck.

What you will learn

  • To create a unique "evidence-based" resume that highlights your assets and gets the interview!
  • Fast and easy way to create custom resumes that uniquely fit what each employer needs!
  • How YOU, your RESUME, and the INTERVIEW all fit together.
  • To find the job that "fits you" so you can feel satisfied, productive and successful at work.
  • The BEST resume to use when changing professions/fields.
  • The keys to an effective job interview.
  • To sell yourself based on your assets and competencies, not your job titles.
  • What to do before, during and after the interview.
  • Video interviewing guidelines.


  • Basic computer skills (internet access and word processing.)
  • A willingness to look at and examine yourself, your own skills and motivations.
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  • 2 hours 31 minutes
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