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Lead change using leadership alignment, stakeholder engagement, culture assessment, communication, and training.

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Created by Vicki Hart, offered on Udemy

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If you are an individual contributor, a project manager, change manager, or an organizational leader, this unique course on managing change is for you! It will enable you to identify and manage the human aspects of implementing change. In addition, it will help you to transition people from the current to the future state to realize desired business objectives.

Why does managing change matter? Large-scale change constantly confronts leaders and managers as they plan and execute strategy in their organizations. What they need is a road map to manage the multi-faceted human aspects of change, helping them to transition critical stakeholders from Point A to B. Alignment between leaders and those impacted by change increases performance, reduces risk/cost and helps the team 'get the job done.'

What will you learn?

  • Create a change management road map to address the people side of change

  • Align key leaders on the vision/business case for change & their role as sponsors

  • Maximize employee engagement & adoption of change to reach business goals

  • Assess the organizational culture to foresee how it may assist or hinder the change

  • Prepare the organization through communication, training and knowledge transfer

Throughout the course, I will provide you with tools & templates for each step. You will come away from this course with a simple change management framework & a robust toolkit you can use on the next change project at your company.

For the last 20 years, I have designed & led change management initiatives in many Fortune 500 organizations across multiple industries. I work closely with senior leaders and their teams to initiate strategic change, nurture innovation & keep their organizations focused and aligned. In addition, I’ve had the opportunity to work with top thought leaders in change management across the United States. I’m excited to share with you some of what I have learned!

So let’s get started!

CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Learning Objectives

  1. List the key roles in driving change

  2. List the 6 tried and true best practices for managing change

  3. Define change management in the context of an organizational setting

  4. Understand why it is important to manage change

  5. Recognize the role and key accountabilities of sponsors

  6. Define resistance to change in the context of an organizational change

  7. Describe effective ways to manage resistance in stakeholders

  8. Define what makes up organizational culture and its impact on change

  9. Recognize the guiding principles for communications on a change project

  10. Assess the resources that will be needed to drive a change project successfully

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What you will learn

  • Build a common language & framework for the people side of change
  • Structure your change project around 6 tried and true best practices
  • Define the business case for change
  • Align key leaders on the vision & their role as sponsors
  • Maximize stakeholder engagement to reach business goals
  • Assess the organizational culture & its impact on change
  • Prepare the organization through communication, training & knowledge transfer


  • The person taking this course will have a general interest in organizations, people in organizations & in how change takes place. Along with this & a desire to learn, nothing else is required.
  • A skilled change manager also requires skills in collaboration, facilitation, communication & business acumen. Although it is not necessary to have these skills in order to take this course, they may be required to do the work effectively in an organization.
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