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Kick Start Your Digital Strategy and Transformation Program

An Introduction to establishing a company wide vision and plan for successful digital strategy and transformation.

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2290 students3 hours 15 minutes

Created by Mike Connor, offered on Udemy

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This course will help you quickly establish a company wide vision and framework for developing and implementing a winning digital strategy and transformation program.

Establish And Lead A Successful Digital Strategy And Transformation Program.

  • Learn how to define a successful and comprehensive digital strategy
  • Establish a vision and plan and build company wide support
  • Define and layout an integrated transformation roadmap

This course helps you understand, communicate and build the consensus required for your company to develop and execute a successful digital strategy and transformation program.

It is designed to provide you the insight and skills you you need to transform your company into a digital leader capable of thriving in a market driven by continual digital innovation. It includes 28 lectures, as well as discussion guides and work books that help you organize and execute quickly and effectively.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Market drivers and digital disruption
  • Transformational opportunities and threats
  • Working with visionary customers and partners
  • Development of transformational digital product, marketing, and operational systems strategies.
  • Capabilities and competencies required to build and sustain your company's role as a digital leader including:
  • “Always-On" Customer and Technology Insight
  • Leading Edge Data / Analytics
  • Continual Innovation
  • Development of a Digital Culture
  • And, the key phases of digital transformation and the requirements for their success.

This course is part of the “Competing for the Digital Future Leadership Program for Digital Strategy and Transformation". It passes on lessons to you based on years of experience working within Silicon Valley for companies like Apple and Adobe as well as startups, helping them and their customers transform emerging technologies into business momentum

It will save you and your company months of precious time by helping you organize and align the efforts required to set your company on a path to digital leadership and avoid the pitfalls that lead to digital disruption.

What you will learn

  • Students will be able to understand and communicate what an integrated digital business strategy and transformation plan is and why it’s critical to the company’s future success. They will also receive the tools they need to facilitate a cross company dialog with key stakeholders that results in a common vision and an initial plan for developing and implementing a successful digital strategy and transformation program.
  • This course is focused on helping students define and manage a holistic digital business transformation effort.


  • Access to a browser and the internet.
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  • Price: $39.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 3 hours 15 minutes
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