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Introduction to the GDPR In One Hour - The Basic Facts

We'll teach you how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to you in one hour of video.

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Created by Training Courses from Innovation Works UK, offered on Udemy

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Why take this course?

This training course gives you a brief introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in just one hour of lectures. We cover the main elements of the GDPR that organisations must be aware of and explore some examples to make things clear.

  • One hour of lectures that actually explain what the GDPR is and what it means

  • Focuses on practical GDPR knowledge and how it applies to organisations

  • Downloadable examples documents that relate the GDPR to organisations' behaviour

  • Written by practitioners with real life experience and knowledge of implementing GDPR in large organisations

  • Over 550 Five Star reviews (more than any other GDPR course on Udemy)

  • English subtitles (hand written, not automatically generated)

  • Free supporting materials, quizzes and infographics

  • 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

We've worked hard to make this a great value course, with supporting materials (such as infographics), complete subtitles in English and quizzes at appropriate points.

What do people think of our course?

We are proud of the feedback we've had so far, here are some examples

  • "Loved this course! I did not know much about the GDPR and this was the perfect course to teach me about it" Mara

  • "Very informative and useful..." Dian

  • "Nice course on GDPR basics." Hrvoje

  • "I liked this course for it's accuracy, shortness and interesting quizzes." Brankica

  • "Found it short and precise!" Alexandra

  • "Very informative and interesting presentation" Mariya

Our course is featured in Udemy for Business as a GDPR training course; we get as lot of students through this route.

Why is understanding the GDPR important?

With a basic understanding of the regulation, an organisation can begin to understand the areas of the regulation that will affect them, and specifically where they need to delve deeper into the requirements to determine what changes will need to be made for their business. We are involved in real life GDPR projects and understand the practicalities of implementing the regulation, this course is directly derived from our experience.

We won't just read you the law, we explain what it means.

Remember, Udemy offers a money back guarantee, so you really do have nothing to lose!

What you will learn

  • This course gives you a brief introduction to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) including the main elements that organisations must be aware of.
  • Understand what the GDPR is and how does it differ from the Data Protection Act
  • Know who needs to take notice of the changes
  • Understand the principles that apply to processing personal data
  • Be able to define a lawful basis of processing
  • Understand what the enhanced rights are and when they might apply
  • Know what constitutes a data breach and when and how they should be notified
  • Know what is meant by privacy by design
  • Understand what data protection officers are and what they do


  • An interest in data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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